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I'm going to warn you..this entry is long and includes pictures. But that is just how involved this weekend was.

Con report or epic proportions )

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I'm home, safe and sound. It was a fairly quiet weekend. I did Chess and the cosplay contest but beyond that I just hung out.

I did however compete with the Flame Kimono. I did..basically a glorified walk-on kind of skit. But I got:

Judges award for performance - Most Graceful


WHAT!?! Yeah XD I have a nice trophy, $30 joanns gift card, and a sewer's kit. I couldn't even carry all the stuff. It makes me happy ^__^ No more competitions for Flame kimono.

Though I panicked like WHOA on Thursday because when I took it out of its bag there was a huge stain across the front. I don't know what happened. It took two days of cleaning, tide pen usage, and completely resewing the front binding to make it look presentable. I guess it was worth it though.

Thats all for now. May post a report later.

Oh and I love coming back to a comment on my costumes that basically says I suck. Some Russian cosplayer commented on my Infinity costume on coscom saying that it was bad. Like thanks..really. You're commenting on a costume from like..several years ago that I Know isn't my best..but do you really need to put a comment like that on the costume's page? Thats kind of rude..

But whatever, I'm not going to let that bring down my mood.
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Here we go. Con report is a go!


Because I have no idea how long it will be )


Mar. 21st, 2010 11:41 pm
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Momocon is done. I had fun. I was colorful. I was evil. I was flaming. And then..I was this..

YEAHHH. IT WAS SO WIERD. Sakura was Fai and Fai was Kurogane and just..just..WUT!?! The ratio of serious photos to crack was about 1:5

More later. Port removal surgery is tomorrow.


Feb. 15th, 2010 02:54 am
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I'm home. i'm safe. Got back a few hours ago. Weekend went too fast. There was good, there was bad. Saw a lot of people. Had a lot of fun doing the skit. May do a report later. For now..

Epic fountains were epic.

no cut for you XD

And something very tragic happened while I was gone but I'm not allowed to speak of it yet. I'll update it eventually.
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Okay, because my brain won't function enough for a whole post of all that went down this get bullets! Some of which you won't understand until the whole thing is typed up.

-I got hugged by Ianto (Torchwood) Ooooh yeah. Was dressed as Rorschach. Got pictures with him after getting his autograph. Was told to send the pictures to the official Torchwood website so he could get them. His panel was hilarious. He was hungover.

Ianto: have such soft hands.

-Rorschach is loved by all and having Servo-median was epic win. Small children love me. Was told about a hundred times: "You are the best Rorschach I've ever seen"

-Got free stuff on sunday! Walked into artist alley as Rorschach and this guy came up and said he was giving me a Watchmen Comcast Prize Package. Watchmen shirt/Watchmen graphic novel/Hellboy 2 Blue-ray dvd/Wanted blue-ray DVD. Hellz yeah

-Voltaire in concert was hilarious.

-Epic fun crazy Transformer times with Lionboogy. I am Bumblebee's bitch.

-Hilarious epic Rorschach photoshoot with Lionboogy. Which one am I? THE ANGRY ONE

-Cryptkeeper has many fans and having other Chuck cosplayers is awesome!

-Relaxed fun con was amazing. No set costume schedule = great times.

EDIT: HA! CNN and Me:
About 1 minute in you will see one good looking parade goer with his robot companion LOL

Oh god so much more..don't be surprised if I add to this list

Con stuffs

Jul. 24th, 2009 07:17 pm
tohma2004: (Default) I know I just got back from one but that also means I have to be ready for the next ones. In order of when they are, here we go:

Hotel: Um...a few people have asked me to be with them. So..who wants me and who is planning on having me?
Costumes: EPIC transformers plans, Rorschach, who knows what else

Costumes: Ken (weiss), Soul?, character from Kobato, Syaoran/Eriol (CCS), Sakura (tsubasa), Rorschach?, Yamamoto (Hitman reborn)

Still need to buy plane tickets. Can you tell I've been avoiding this?

Hotel: Who wants to be in my room? I'm at the embassy suites. I have 1 room. Need to know who all is going and who wants in. No group reg this year since I had to buy mine through the artist alley. Which brings me to:
Artist Alley: Who all wants to sit with me behind the table? I ordered 2 tables simply because I think I'm going to need the space. I am willing to possibly split one of the tables if someone needs more space. But I want to know if anyone is willing to help me out..or wants an artist badge to sit with me (Such as: Kitsune Ink people who have a buttload of people..let me know and we can change some of your reg badges over to Artist alley badges under my table. I requested we be near each other)

Still Debating. busy.
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Okay, so Momocon happened. At first I was afraid Katsucon crowdedness was going to continue since the registration line was INSANE. And I think there were about 5000 people trying to register in this one small building. (At least that is the number I heard was floating around). And that is about 3000 more people then I expected to be at the con in general. I had no clue this was as big as it was. I didn't know I was going until the week before. I figured, free con? Eh, why the hell not.

And boy am i glad I did. I had no clue what I was wearing. I literally made the decision the night before. Well except for one costume. That which was revealed yesterday. I had been working on that pretty steadilly since the moment I decided to go to the con.

Anywhere, here are (briefly) what moments stood out in my mind as making this con awesome

Cut for EPIC photos and talk about con )

And finally: D.Grayman stuff: Does Allen's first uniform have a slip up the back? I think it looks like it does in the photo I have, but I'm not 100% sure. I'd like to know before I go slicing it up -_-'

AWA 2008

Sep. 23rd, 2008 11:58 pm
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The Convention of CLAMP. Seriously. I only had..oh..5 CLAMP costumes. I'll never escape from its clutches.

Anyway, con report! Before I give my big MRI result/Chemo day report tomorrow.

Complete with pictures )

It took 1 1/2 hours to type so you all must read it XD
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Today we went and checked out a horse show arena that is holding a horse show tomorrow. But after returning home we found that Zippy had developed a cold. So there will be no going to a horse show tomorrow. Meh..its always something.

Told Pam she was ousted from the Nekocon room because my friends didn't trust her not to bail on them again. SHe went off on a tirade about how I must have badmouthed her and sad mean things and what not. Pam..your actions at Animazement spoke for itself. I find it amusing though that my mother sides with me on this and doesn't blame Yuki and them at all for that decision.

Its funny though..when Yuki was about to tell me that she didn't want Pam in our neko room...I had this fear in my head that she was about to tell me that she didn't want ME in the nekocon room and that was why she didn't want me to be mad. There was momentary panic in my head, but that is better now.

Anyway, random yes? Whee.its random day. hmm..Animazement report? Maybe a quick one.

Let see how lengthy this gets )
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Okay! Con report time! In a different way then I normally do it cause I'm too lazy to write it all up step by step XD I mean..I haven't even written one for Katsu or Animazement XD

But anyway, cut for your convenience...Cowboys, Darth Vader, and a whole lotta Vincent love )


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