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I was on a horse for eight hours today. Holy sore butt. We took both Phonix and Zippy to the show today simply becuase I couldn't decide who to ride.

Zippy got 1 first, 2 seconds, 1 third, 1 fourth, and 2 fifths.

And Phoenix got her first ribbon! She won a 5th place in one of her classes. I was so excited ^_^ We just took her to get the experience, I wasn't expecting to do anything. Her first riding ribbon. So proud ^_^

Though I did get into a little trouble. Zippy got a little too close to phoenix at one point while she was at the trailer and she kicked out twice. In an effort to protect Zip I got hit with those shoed hooves x_x the bottom of my foot, my knee, and my forearm on the left side got the brunt of it.

The knee doesn't hurt. The arm has a lump and is a little black and blue and my foot just is a little sore. Could have been worse and I've had worse horse related injuries.

My father took some video of a couple of Phoenix's classes. Maybe I'll figure out how to show them at some point XD
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So I've got a new system that will actually be good for me as far as the horses are concerned. It might even get me back into riding shape which I am sadly..not in.

Phoenix is home now and so I have to ride her at least 5 days a week to keep her in shape and keep her from forgetting what she has learned. This is good for me since I have been fairly unmotivated as far as riding is concerned. But that also means that Zip is gonna feel the burn too.

I figure since I have to be out there and riding her anyway, I might as well ride Zippy as well. He already doesn't like this plan and we are only 2 days into it. I don't ride when no one is home anyway, and my mom doesn't want me riding Phoenix without here out there since..well she is young and anything can happen. So when I am almost done with Phoenix, I tell her and she goes and gets Zippy saddled up and brings him out and I just jump on him.

It also means that Zip gets to enjoy the same training aids that Phoenix does. Which rings. And OMG does he hate those. It means he has to work even harder, which is good for him.

So yes, perhaps the three of us will get in shape...with the show season almost over. Ah well..better late then never. We'll just consider this an early start for next year.
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First: Since i'm such a DeviantART noob I have no idea how to create galleries to organize my pics...any help?

Second: Phoenix in the show ring..with me riding her! happened.

No cut for you because everyone should see how pretty she is XD

EDIT: RANT TIME! Nekocon artist are really starting to piss me off...What happened to first come, first serve? If I want 2 tables and my form was in first..then I better damn well get two tables. What is this shit about only letting me have one?....-_-' And after all the crap we dealt with because of the reg form...oh are slowly making me one unhappy attendee.
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Ahhh! American Idol how you fail me. U_U You're supposed to get rid of the crappy country chick, not the cool rocker one. Bah, BAH I SAY. My two favorite girls were in the bottom three -_- Where is your brain America? Now I only have 1 favorite sad.

Phoenix tried to escape today. Why she choses to do it when its pouring down rain, I'll never understand. So i'm putting them in since its raining like crazy and instead of going to her stall like she normally does and should like a good pony...she makes an abrupt right and goes trotting out the door. I'm just like..."Ack, SHIT!" I go running after her and so she takes off at a dead run towards the middle of the second pasture. At first I'm like..okay fine..she can't go anywhere...we're safe. Then I'm like...SHIT FUCK SHIT The fence is down!

So I go running back into the barn and close Thunder's door who had entered the barn while this was going on and then go running out of the barn to get my father who is conveniently driving his truck from the house to the barn. I point at the white animal in the pasture and what does he say?

"So grab a halter and a leadrope and go get her."

....well Duh. But everytime I get close she runs the other way -_- So grumbling I grab her halter and a lead and start trudging my way out to the middle of the pasture IN THE POURING RAIN to retrive my horse. Who promptly spots me and takes off in the opposite direction at a dead run. I'm like..Don't go to the fence..don't go to the fence...cause then she would be at the road and that would be a bad thing.

Luckily she stops, sticks her head up, realizes that its raining and no one else is with her and comes running back to the barn at FULL SPEED. I'm just like...great..she's gonna go tearing through the lane and break the fence that is across it. So my father goes out in front of the lane and starts flapping his arms and yelling "Whoa Whoa WHOA!"

She slides to a stop, spins to her right and trots off around the riding area towards the driveway. Now I'm like..great she's gonna go trotting down the driveway to the road. I'm still walking back from the pasture when my father walks towards her. She turns around and starts to trot back towards the pasture opening as if to come back in but suddenly decides that the barn is a nice dry place to be and instead turns and trots into the barn and into her stall where my father prompty locks her in.

-_- me = big wet irritated owner
phoenix = big wet horse that is happy cause got to run around and eat some grass

I'll never say my life is boring again...

EDIT: Ha! Forgot something that happened today. got a call from my old boss (the good one) and apparently my old store got the lowest audit score in the history of the company yesterday. HAHAHAHAHA. They got a 24%...TWENTY-FOUR!?! XD! I've been gone less then a year and you guys suck that much? Heh..and people thought my job was easy...when I was there we had a 96% XP

And your pictures of the day are pictures of a shoot I did back in the summer in my Ed costume by the trainyard. Some you may have seen already, but now they finally are in my gallery.

Pam's CREEPY Doll is in a couple of them XD I see cosplay opportunity...she sees doll shoot opportunity...ah well, as long as there is a camera XD
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Rode Phoeonix today. Uneventful which is very good.

Watched anime today. Mostly Kyou Kara Maou and Bleach.

Kyou Kara Maou: Is it bad that I want to cosplay like 3 of the characters? If I did Yozak or Murata no one would know who I was unless I was with everyone else though. I would just be..random redhead or random schoolboy XD But Gunter...I'd be pretty safe. Poor Gunter ^_^ Although him being a model seems very appropriate XD

Bleach. Shuuhei is hot. That is all.

I won't know about the Roanoke store until probably a week or two from now. I might also be going to the Raleigh store to be acting STL for a time. looks like the next few months will be busy and eventful. Kinda scary actually.

There are good and bad points to this whole thing...If i get it...its scary..

Good points to having own store in Roanoke:
-Is MY store to run as I see fit
-More money
-I know Roanoke, I know more people around Roanoke
-Finally out on my own, in my own place, to decorate and do as I wish

Bad points to having own store in Roanoke:
-Leaving everything behind. All the great employees at my store that I know and trust and have fun with. My family. The horses and Ginji and Dudley and the everyone in this house.
-No more horse shows. No more training Phoenix
-Finally out on my own...can I really afford to live alone? Am I emotionally ready to be alone? To come home to an empty house and dwell on the fact that there is no one...even more so then I do now. To be cut off from everything and everyone I know. TO be alone.

I've already decided that I would leave Ginji here. I don't think he would de well in a city and I wouldn't be able to walk him and give him the care he needs. I wouldn't want to seperate him from Dudley and have him home alone all day. The cats would stay too. I wouldn't want to take the risk of taking them and havin them run away or get hit by a car or something.

Do I really want this? But if I turned it down would I ever get another chance? It is obvious that Winston will never be my store...and If I turn this down for selfish reasons then they may feel I don't deserve a second chance. I can't take that risk...and yet the more I think about it, the more terrified I become.

I'm over thinking this...I'm getting too worked up over nothing. There is still that chance that they will give the store to someone else. Then I got nervous about nothing. I just have to let things happen. What will be, will be.

Cosplay list of the Future..Just so I can get my mind on other things... )
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Rode Phoenix again today. And fell off again today. I tell you what...falling off is a real blow to the confidence. I consider myself a decent enough rider to know how to stay on..but she's killing that slowly >_< But in my defense, I fell off, stood up, went after her, scolded her, got back on, won the battle. Which is more then I was capable of last time. I just wish I knew what sets her off at such random moments. It would make it easier for me to predict she is going to buck and start some preventative measures. But boy can she buck...I thought I was good today, thought I was going to hang on, but she just didn't stop. *sigh* But I got back on and made her behave. That's all that matters.

Tomorrow I will have a large bruise on my right lower leg. My left ankle hurts and my tailbone is killing me. I really don't want to relive that injury...but I think its just bruised and angry that it met the ground with such force. I mostly landed on my side so I'm pretty sure its okay.

Still have all my teeth at least


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