Jul. 15th, 2011

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23. Your most expensive cosplay
I had to really really think about this one because I don't normally keep track of those kinds of things. I buy what I need to buy and then deal with whatever it is. I thought it might be Cain. That was the first time I had ever used resin and wonderflex and feathers on a costume. But beyond those things there wasn't much as far as expense. I think Cain probably ran me about $500 in total.

But I think if you want to look at overall cost..it would have to be the first time I did fai's manga coat.

The entire back design is an applique and along the edge was trim. I used over 150 yards of trim to go around the entire design. The trim was $5 a yard at the time but luckily I used a coupon for each spool that I bought. So there was about $400 in just trim on the coat. The whole coat was lined and I think the total for the fabric was almost $200 (this includes the fabric for the applique). Then there was $45 worth of fur on the coat. Then the staff was plywood, PVC, fish tank stones, quilters plastic, basket wrap, model magic, and lots of gold spray paint. The total on the staff alone was about $150. So all in total almost $800 for the Fai costume.

its remake was far cheaper since I was able to reuse the fur and fabric. I only had to buy a new lining and the paint. So if you factor in the cost of that, Fai is worth about $1000 XD!

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