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OH god I still feel miserable. Yesterday I took some medicine and was just completely out of it at work. So today I didn't take anything and despite hacking up a lung on occassion, felt much more useful.

Anyway, Time to tell what I did on the Sunday of my vacation.

Woke up at 8:30 and got ready. Left deathgod's at 9:30 to go pick up Jensen. Got to her friends place around 10:15 and then we headed downtown to see the monuments. I originally wanted to park and wander around and take pictures..well apparently there was something going on because by the time we got there there was absolutely no parking spots anywhere. it was crazy. So we did a kind of..driving tour of the monuments. It was actually kind of fun and epic. Then we pulled into his little parking area that we thought we might be able to park at only to find out it was all handicap parking..and were promptly boxed in by buses. I pulled into a non-parking spot so I didn't block the buses..but then they boxed me in instead. So I was like..crap, now what?

So we decided to just get out since we couldn't go anywhere anyway. I put on Flame kimono Fai and jensen went to talk to the bus drivers. They said that one of the bus drivers had parked his bus where he wasn't supposed to and so now they were all stuck.

So we went around and took some pictures and then got back in the car as soon as the buses were gone. The trip itself was uneventful luckily.

And so here are more pictures! I actually posted all of the ones I had (minus most of the cosplay ones) on facebook.
flames oh flames )

If they are sideways its because photobucket is a butt.


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