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Oh yeah, been busy XD Except not really. Well..I'm getting ready for Dragoncon but it is 75% old costumes so I've basically just been fixing things up and getting them ready to go. This is what I am taking:

-Ravage from Transformers for epic fun TF times with Lionboogy Bumblebee. Should I really be hanging with the robot that killed me in the movie? Hmm...

-Elizabeth from PotC for cosplay contest on Friday. I think I've lost it..I never wanted to compete at Dragoncon but I figure why not? Don't expect much but might as well see what it is like and then decide to never do it again XD

-Rorschach from Watchmen for the parade. I haven't worn him since last year and hopefully my eyes don't hate me forever for wearing the mask again LOL. But I love this costume and this is the one con where it actually fits.

-Scott Pilgrim from Scott Pilgrim vs the World. A new outfit. Lionboogy suggested it a couple months ago and I figured, eh wth? So I'll be wearing this with GreatSG and his pal who are doing Gideon and Lucas. Plus Bish and friend are doing Ramona and Roxie so we could have a pretty awesome group if we manage to all hook up at the same time.

-Yip Yip from Sesame Street. Yes. You read that right. IT WILL BE AWESOME. It's Lionboogy's stuff, I'm just wearing it LOL

-And my new new one. Kotetsu/Wild Tiger from "Tiger and Bunny" Because he's a super hero..and why wouldn't super heroes go to a super hero convention?

I worked hard on those shoes! XD

So yeah, I'll be heading to GreatSG's place on Wednesday night and will head from there to the convention on Friday morning. See some of you there!

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Why do you always make me feel like a slacker? XD

Do you have my cell number? Need any info for Thursday?

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I..*checks phone* Yes, it appears I do XD Make sure you have mine as well. Just send me a text or something when you get there. I think we are hoping to arrive by noon.

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Will do! SO EXCITED!

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Love the Tiger cosplay!

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He's such a dork. I couldn't help myself, it had to be done XD

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Wow! Great job, you seriously look like him.

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Thanks ^^

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Definitely let me know when your friends are gonna be Ramona and Roxy, we can definitely get some fun photos together! :D

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I think their plans are Sunday and Monday. Hopefully we can all hook up at some point ^^