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Okay, so Ichibancon happened! It was..kind of crazy. They had over 2000 people at it, which is double what they had last year. And the hotel was not nearly big enough once again. At least the one hallway was bigger then the one hallway we had last year.

Complete with pictures of crack )

Convention photos are here:
My skit in HD is here:


Jan. 11th, 2010 10:14 pm
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HA XD Oh god someone else taped our skit. This is a bit far away but at least you'll get to see my amazingly glittery ass.



Jan. 10th, 2010 05:40 pm
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Few highlights of the weekend before I forget since Zip's log made me remember them XD

Great Wolf Lodge
-Has MagiQuest!?!? WHAT?!? Why was I not aware of this before hand! Totally would have taken my wand XD
-Crazy epic place.

Weekend Themes
-GOUT. Everything is caused by the Gout.
-Puttin' No, not Putt-in like in golf. Put-tin. That's all I'm saying.
-Spastic Dancing! Because that is what if felt like.
-SUPAH DUPAH Figured out the skit yet?

Moments of awesome
-Getting the English voice actor of Allen Walker to autograph my hat for my skit and Rhode's umbrella. brought us luck, I swear it!
-Best in show...yeah really enough said XD
-Apples to Apples. This is a surprisingly hilarious game.
-Surprising everyone with my awesome glitteryness and hearing my boots actually making tapping noises on the stage XD

People I got to see
-Star_Angel, Rayvah, Quadrain, Zipchan, Kakyou, Bur, Tigress, Elke, Tassie, Rob...probably more

Awards won
-Free admission to next years convention
-Free admission to Collosalcon in Ohio (Anyone go to this that might have room in their hotel for me and Zip to crash in? XD)

Will add to the list as I think of it...

EDIT: Rayvah and Tassie: We definitely have room for you at Katsucon if you want to stay with us. Right now (without you) its 5 per room. So lots of space. Let me know if you want in!


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