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I was on a horse for eight hours today. Holy sore butt. We took both Phonix and Zippy to the show today simply becuase I couldn't decide who to ride.

Zippy got 1 first, 2 seconds, 1 third, 1 fourth, and 2 fifths.

And Phoenix got her first ribbon! She won a 5th place in one of her classes. I was so excited ^_^ We just took her to get the experience, I wasn't expecting to do anything. Her first riding ribbon. So proud ^_^

Though I did get into a little trouble. Zippy got a little too close to phoenix at one point while she was at the trailer and she kicked out twice. In an effort to protect Zip I got hit with those shoed hooves x_x the bottom of my foot, my knee, and my forearm on the left side got the brunt of it.

The knee doesn't hurt. The arm has a lump and is a little black and blue and my foot just is a little sore. Could have been worse and I've had worse horse related injuries.

My father took some video of a couple of Phoenix's classes. Maybe I'll figure out how to show them at some point XD
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First show of the year. Feels so early x_x But Zippy behaved very well especially since this was the first time that we did both English and Western in over a year. I only did English classes last year since I was on the chemo and got tired a lot faster. He was incredibly hairy though. He hasn't shed out all the way and he was a mess. But we still went home with 3 fourths, and 1 fifth. Considering there was an average of 15 horses per class that isn't bad. we only went in 6 classes total.

So far people have donated over $100 for my Relay for Life ^^ Once I get some printer paper I'm gonna take some forms to the restaurant and see if anyone wants to sponsor me there. Unfortunetly at the moment it is just me and my dad on the team. Thats gonna be some rough walking XD

I joined the watchmen community and wow do they post a lot o_o A lot of fanfics which kinda scare me...Rorschach X Night Owl WUT?!? I guess I need to find me a Night Owl XD I like the fanart though and reading the posts for the most part. Maybe eventually I will read one of the fanfics...but seriously, Watchmen yaoi is kinda scary to me still.

Not much else to report.
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So went to another horse show today..because well I'm just that crazy. We took three of the horses since they were holding a poker trail ride as well and we figured we could ride that after I was done showing.

So first Zippy did his English classes
2nd - Go as you please (Walk/trot)
3rd - English Pleasure Open
1st - English Pleasure Amateur Rider
5th - Go as you please Open

So the day started off well. Then we changed saddles and I got on Thunder, my mom was on Zip, and my father rode Hoppy and we headed off to the trail ride.

Okay so for the trail ride you collect Poker cards at various points along the ride. The person with the best hand at the end of the ride wins. My very first card...a Wild card. Score.

So the ride takes about an hour and we collect our cards and I end up with 4 Aces, thanks to 3 wild cards. Sweet.

Turns out I came in second behind someone who had 5 Aces. Cheater XD But considering the amount of people doing the ride I was very pleased. I won a very pretty painted pony statue.

Then I decided to take Thunder in some gaming classes since they were something we don't see very often and Thunder seemed pretty excited about being out and about.

So the 33 year old pony went to this first show in about 8 years. The first class was "Musical Stalls" I have never even seen this game before but what it was was there were poles on the ground that made "stalls" and they played the music and when the music stopped you had to be in a stall. And they took one stall away at a time like in musical chairs. Well we ended up 3rd XD

Then there was pole bending and with a time of 27 seconds we basically were 3rd by only 1 second. They ran this kind of strangely though because we ran head to head. I've never run a race against another horse at the same time before so it was wierd o_o

Then we ran the cloverleaf barrels and we tied for first and had to do a run off. We got 19 seconds in our first run and 20 seconds in our 2nd run, but the other girl got 19 seconds on her second run so we lost by one second again. But its okay because it was awesome fun and we went home happy.

So there are three very tired ponies in the barn. And Phoenix was apparently a very good girl while she was home alone for the first time.

And that was my day.

Pony pictures! )

Good Day

Oct. 5th, 2008 01:41 am
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Went to the horse show today. It was wierd because its the first time I have ever gone to one without my mom. She was sick today and I almost didn't go, but because it could be potentially the last one of the year I decided to go anyway. My father took me so basically he was no help in getting the horse ready, but its okay that part wasn't too hard to handle. It is also wierd because my father doesn't normally go to the shows.

I banded ZIppy's mane for the first time since Intercounty 4-H...8 years ago. They didn't look horrible but you could definetly tell I was out of practice..yet someone still commented on them and said it looked pretty, which amused me.

Anyway, it was a pretty big show so I wasn't expecting much. There were 20+ horses in every class and I was fearing the worst. I wanted to survive. But I ended up doing better then my expectations. I made the cut in the classes and I was beating "World Show" horses. Yeah...people that show every day and were telling us about how they went to the World Paint Show in Texas back in August. These people had money coming out of their ears. I wish they had spewed some in my direction.

Anyway, placings:
English Go as you Please - 6th
Egg and Spoon - 4th
Open Pleasure English - 5th
Pleasure Amateur Rider Hunter - 1st
Open Go as you Please English - 4th

I was robbed in Egg and Spoon. We reversed at the trot and one of the other riders plowed into me. Zippy got mad and tossed his head and I dropped my egg but she managed to keep hers -_- I demand a re-do.

My father took some video of the show so maybe I'll put it up later so you all can see Zippy do his thing.

After that we rested for awhile and then headed to Greensboro to the "Woods of Terror". It was a pretty good haunted house. There was a haunted heyride of Rednecks (I'm not kidding...there was a sign that said Rednecks Rule and all the actors were...Rednecks). We went through this Claustophobia thing where you had to squeeze through all these tiny spaces. There were these crazy funhouse moving things that made you incredibly dizzy walking through them. There was a haunted corn field and this one building where it was pitch black and people jumped out at you. There was even a Pirates section where there was apparently the actual treasure chest used in Pirates of the Carabean movie.

We just got home at 1AM since we went out to eat with my aunt, uncle, cousin, and a couple of their friends afterwards. The haunted house lasted about an hour but it was awesome because we had Quick Passes and were able to breeze right past all the lines and go directly to the front. They were only about $3 more because we bought them online.

So all in all a good day.
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Had my first horse show of the season today...the first one in over a year. WE only did English to go easy on Zippy mostly..but I'm not sure I could have handled a full day either.

We went in not expecting much since we had been in a form of semi-retirement and hadn't seen a ring in so long. Who knew how he would behave, how I would hold up, etc etc.

This is how we fared in order of class:

English Go as you Please - 4th
Open English Pleasure - 1st
Egg and Spoon - 1st
Open English Pleasure - 1st
Open Go as you Please - 2nd
Open English Championship - Champion much for not expecting much? Yeah we were pleasantly surprised. I was pretty worried because I was exhausted half way through the first class. My legs hurt and I never thought I'd be able to keep him going. But once I got that 4th I felt energized. Having not expected anything at all and just going in every class having fun gave me the energy to ride for three hours. And zippy held up pretty well too considering he is out of shape and suffering from allergies.

Once I got home..I passed out. I basically slept the next five hours away. After dinner I just felt so nausaus and yucky that all I wanted to do was curl up and sleep. I actually threw up before I even left for the show (but I didn't tell my mother that). I felt okay at the show, but eating and finally getting off the adrenline of the show made me crash hard.

In other semi-positive news...I have a job interview. Customer Service Representative at the place my mom works. It means though that all plans for the summer are going on hold. All conventions, everything. Yes, even Otakon. I can't screw this up. This is insurance and benefits and vacation time and perhaps (hopefully) much more money then I am making. And I have to take this very very seriously even if it means setting aside those important events. Its on Tuesday but I probably won't know how it goes for awhile. I'll let you know if I completely screw up though. I haven't had an interview in 4 years.

So yeah. Glad I don't have to work tomorrow. Another day of rest.
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First, horse show

1st - Egg and Spoon (Its a fun class XD Basically you have to balance this egg on a spoon and go through the different gaits and whoever has their Egg the longest, wins.)

2nd - Open English Pleasure Championship

3rd - Amateur Western Pleasure and Open English Pleasure (18 entries in the class)

6th - Open English Pleasure (16 entries) and English Go As You Please (20 entries)

So English went well and Western did not. But quite honestly...I have no idea what she was looking for cause from what I saw, there was a couple class I should have won and I didn't even place. But then again, I'm not a judge U_U...never mind the fact I was 12th overall in the entire Nation for horse Judging a few years ago..*cough* Sorry, I get a little bitter when I can't understand why i didn't place XD If Zippy had screwed around or misbehaved I could understand it.

I worked for 3 hours on my Tamaki hat. I like it XD Its huge...but I like it. I have a few things to fix up and clean up but its basically done.

And finally...

Ginji being cute...I'm not sure why he sleeps there. )
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I feel slightly better about life, but am still not happy. Actually when I spoke to him on Thursday about how I felt, the things he said made me even less happy...I didn't actually think that was possible, but apparently it was. I will not go into details cause I'm not sure I could even write what he said to me. To give you an idea:

"I should have done write up on you..."

Excuse me?? I've never been written up before and you want to do it for something stupid like signing the store? Give me a break. But I said i don't want to rant about this anymore.

Had a horse show today. I don't remember what class I got what in but I went home with 4 firsts and 3 seconds. I was in a total of 11 classes. So that means I didn't place in 4 of my classes. And I was very confused as to why until I saw the judge later and she was hanging out with the people she had been pinning all day. Apparently they were all friends. Great..thanks judge. That doesn't seem fair in the least. You should have at least been impartial. But it was a benefit show and so the people putting it on probably didn't want to shell out major bucks for a judge so it was probably just someone that agreed to do it. Still not fair for those of us trying to do well and have paid for a fair and accurate judging.

I better end this here...i obviously don't have a very cheerful outlook on things right now and I don't want too many long angsty posts in this thing.
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I'm amused that you all want to see me in a poodle skirt but I am even more amused that you all want to actually cosplay naruto poodle skits. You crazy crazy people.

You all wanted here it is )

Anyway, horse show today. Zippy's foot is officially better. This had to be the biggest show I have seen in...probably years. There were a ton of horses there. So here we go...Official results:

English Go as You Please: 1st out of 31 horses
Open English Pleasure: 5th out of 21 horses
Pleasure Amateur Rider Hunter: 1st out of 22 horses
Open Go as you Please: 2nd out of 15 horses
Open English Championship: 1st out of 8 horses
Am/Youth Championship: 1st out of 18 horses
Amateur Western: 4th out of 17 horses
Am/Youth go as you please: 4th out of 15 horses
Amateur Western Horse: 5th out of 16 horses
Amateur/Youth Championship: 5th out of 12 horses
Open Western Championship: 4th out of 8 horses

So a pretty successful day if I do say so myself. To win the first class of the day with 31 horses...yeah pretty shocking.

Thats all my news.


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