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oh god..i hate bugs...Today the bug issue is: TICKS *shudder*

-mother had one on her when she was outside...
-Cat had one on his head...
-Pam had one on her while sitting at the computer!!!

Okay yes..that last one freaks me out the most. this tick crawled on her...that is so utterly disgusting.

And the gross part..whenever an animal has one on them..I'm the one they make pull it out!!!! ME!!! WHY??!?!?! Cause I'm good at it they say u_u But then I freak out as soon as I have it and don't know what to do with it!!

They are so gross...*shudder* The house is no longer safe. I've sprayed everything now...and I still feel dirty.

But to get my mind off of that...TSUBASA MANGA!!!!

I'm caught up! Fai *whimper* My dear Fai...*pet pet*

I can honestly say..Fai has become my top favorite character of all time. I love him more then Tasuki..more then Trowa..and yes..unbelievable as it may seem...more then Hakkai. *gasp*

In other news...I got called into work today and also have to work tomorrow. I was only supposed to work on Weds..but I'm not complaining about more hours. However...the fact that I am going in to wash a little irritating. But its money. I will not turn away money.

and I figured out my Thursday costume for Animazement. I'll be arriving at the hotel around 8 or 9 PM (for those that will be there). I will probably go to the evening activities or just wander around the hotel until I get tired. Find me!

I'll give 10 points if you guess my Thursday costume. Here is a hint...I'm glad I found my dog collar ~_^ Pictures will come after the con is over XD

finally Updated Dream Costume List..since I actually made some of them so they no longer have to be on the list XD And because I've decided that I didn't really want to make some others and added a few that I've decided to do since last time I posted this..the list is getting surprisingly shorter though o_o' )

Well I should head to bed.
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OMFG the biggest most vile looking spider I have ever seen was just crawling up the wall next to me. It was huge...and not daddy long legs scrawny huge...this thing had meat to it. *shudder* oh so gross...but its dead now...there was much flailing and freaking out before its death...probably was an amusing image actually

Phoenix is at the trainer now. She'll be there for at least a month. *sniffle* My baby girl

And tomorrow I have to move 100 bales of hay. Kill me now...I was planning on driving to Winston to pick up some things but that will have to wait. I'm going to be so tired >_<

Oh yeah, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY rukawagf!!
I know I already said it, but I'm saying it again XD


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