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It has been a long time since I have marathoned anime like I have been doing this week. Last week it was Ao No Exorcist and Tiger and Bunny. Week before that was Durarara!! Now I'm trying to catch up on Naruto (which I was 200 episodes behind in). And I know the icon isn't terribly fitting other then the fact it is Naruto and it probably is one of my favorite cosplay pictures of us in those costumes. Anyway..onward.


OH man Itachi ;_; I've known what was going to happen for years but it didn't make it any easier to watch. I always knew you were a good guy. I spoiled myself on this part when it first happened so nothing has been a surprise or anything. But actually getting to watch it is so depressing.

I fully believe that if Itachi wasn't dying, no one in Naruto would be able to beat him. He was too strong, too smart and he was taken down by his own body. Sasuke didn't kill him, he just watched him die. Itachi's body gave out from tuberculosis or whatever the naruto world wants to call it. He was weakened, he was dying and his final wish was to die by Sasuke's hands. But he didn't. Sasuke lost. Itachi did exactly what he had planned to do from the very beginning of this show. And he got rid of Orochimaru which is what he pushed the fight towards from the beginning of it.

There is no one smarter, no one stronger, and no better ninja then Uchiha Itachi. And the fact that he was actually a caring, loving older brother makes it that much harder. He did everything so that Sasuke could live and be a hero. His whole world revolved around his brother and all he wanted was to protect him. And he tried to do so even in death.

This is why I love Itachi, perhaps even more then I like Sasuke. It took all of 5 minutes of screen time in the very beginning of the series for me to adore that character. I knew he had to have a reason beyond that which they were saying for doing the things he did.

And the expressions he had in those episodes with his first with sad. You could just TELL how much he loved Sasuke and how much it was killing him to do what he was doing. I think I stopped watching the series so long ago because I was trying to avoid watching this episode. I really didn't want to watch him die even though everyone knew it was coming.

And that is my little Uchiha Itachi love fest

I think the reason I stopped watching Naruto is because there just wasn't enough Sasuke and Itachi airtime. Now that they are back as a main part of the plot..I find it a lot more interesting again LOL.

As far as the other shows..

Durarara!! Really enjoyed it. Love the characters. Plot was really interesting and it was fun. Planning on a Shinra cosplay in the very near future. Already have the lab coat.

Ao no Exorcist. Adore Rin. Very interesting story and although some of the characters annoy me, I am completely drawn in.

Tiger and Bunny. LOVE Wild Tiger. LOVE LOVE LOVE. He cracks me up.

Its so rare for me to talk about actual anime XD But there you go. Thats enough for now..just wanted to get that little Naruto rant or whatever you want to call it off my chest LOL
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