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Hey look I'm actually keeping up!

Day 3: Your most recent cosplay

Well technically I had 3 new ones at AMA. (pictures cut for your convenience)

Miku from Vocaloid )
Did this one on a whim. I bought the dress at work the Wednesday before the convention because it was on sale and I had a coupon and crazy discounts and I already owned the wig. I figured since I was selling the magnet headphones anyway, I might as well become a model for them. Thiw was pretty well out of my comfort range too. Not only was it a female character..but a female character in a short skirt (by my standards anyway XD). But I do really like the wig.

Shiki from Togainu no Chi )
Made this one because I found some fabric that would work for the coat. Its actually a lot of fun to wear and really easy to put on quick and run out and do stuff in. And it got recognized a lot more then I expected which was great.

Ashera from Fire Emblem )
My big project for June was to finish this for AMA. I actually got a good portion of it done in May so I didn't have much to do to complete it. I bought the wig back in April with the Ebay dollars I had earned from buying my embroidery program. It was just a lot of fun to do something different and cosplay with Negative Dreamer and his crew. I also got to get pictures with Fire Lily which was fun. That wig is a beast though.

Read more... )
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2. How many costumes have you done?

Oh man..I lost count a long time ago. ACP says 111 and coscom says 89 but I haven't updated that with the newest ones yet or even some of the older ones. That doesn't mention the..bunches of commission costumes I've done. I probably average about 12 costumes a year if you consider both mine and other peoples outfits. Some years there are more, some less depending on what interests me at the time.

I already have 10 outfits that are new this I have at least 5 more I need to finish by the end of the year for various conventions plus I made Ragna for Dark and I don't really remember what else. SO yeah..depends on the year XD

the list )
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I don't normally do these since I pretty much know I will fail at keeping up with it..but lets give it a try shall we?

Your first cosplay )
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I'm sitting here watching "The Voice" and decided it would be a good time to write up a little report on AMA. It was a good convention overall and despite the artist alley table, a fairly relaxing weekend which was something I think I needed.

My fire emblem group with Negative Dreamer and crew won "Best Master Performance" And "Best Overall Craftsmanship" so that was really cool. The skit was easy and..well lets be honest..required no practicing at all XD WHich was kind of a nice change.

But anyway, lets see how much I can remember..

Mage Creations makes its artist alley debut )

Next up is Otakon and I feel like I have a LOT to do for it. So no resting for me. I have some commissions to finish and get mailed out this week if I can. I have costume to fix up and finish. Its going to be a busy summer..but I really cant complain.

AMA Time

Jun. 16th, 2011 12:18 am
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All I have to do is survive 8 hours at work and then a 5 1/2 hour drive and I will be at AMA. Wow..tomorrow is going to be exhausting.

It looks like it is supposed to rain all weekend..which is going to suck majorly. I don't think I even own an umbrella anymore and a couple of my costumes are going to have to stay dry :/

here is the lineup:

-Fai from Tsubasa (infinity) - whenever everyone wears their outfits
-Elizabeth from PotC - Friday hall costume contest (yeah I decided WTH lets just do it)
-Ashera from Fire Emblem - Masquerade
-Shiki from Togainu no Chi - Friday night/morning depending on what I feel like
-Castor from 07-Ghost - whenever everyone wears their outfits
-Miku from Vocaloid - I know..shock right? Its a possible since Ihave the wig and I just bought a little dress that might work..we'll see.

I considered taking Ellis but with the makeup that needs to be done..I don't know if I really feel like wearing it. I think that is everything I have packed..I don't even know anymore since I packed a few days ago.

I will be in the Artist Alley and hopefully this will be a good indication of how my stuff will sell since AZ was..well hard to judge.

So I am off! I will see some of you this weekend!


Jun. 11th, 2011 09:15 pm
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I'm having a dilemna..

I don't know what to wear to AMA. I originally wanted to compete with Elizabeth in the hall costume contest but now I'm beginning to wonder if that is such a good idea. Various points make me doubt this decision:

1. wont get to finish all the detailing I want to do in time
2. It will probably be blazing hot..and multiple layers and upholstery weight fabric might not be smart
3. I want to compete with her at AWA and if by some chance I won something for her then I wouldn't be able to

Number 5 3 doesn't bother me as much as the other 2. I can always pick a different costume for AWA. But..I just don't know what to do. My plan for months was to compete with her at AMA as her first competition. But..I just don't know what to do. I would still want to compete but I wouldn't have anything else I could use for the contest. I was only going to wear her for a couple hours but that is a lot of stuff to haul to a convention in a car that will already be loaded with artist alley stuff for a couple very hot hours. But I haven't worn her since Mysticon and I really want to wear it again.

Uggg..I just don't know what to do. I know this seems stupid to dwell over but I really hate not knowing what to do. Heat doesn't normally bother me (Hell I wear Fai at Otakon..) but I also don't want to do anything to get the costume too dirty.

Gaaaah. Help? What would you guys do?
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Hey look guys, I'm a seme XD

I really like this pic )

Shiki from "Togainu no Chi". I still have to make or buy the gloves, finish the 2nd cross, and fix up the sword. But this costume has come together fairly easily. Don't know when I am actually going to wear it..but there it is.

I think this is my AMA schedule:

-Castor from 07-ghost
-Fai from Tsubasa (infinity)
-Elizabeth from PoTC
-Shiki from Togainu no Chi (maybe)
-Ashera from Fire Emblem
which I also have a couple pics of )

Ashera is almost done. Just need to sew in the zipper and finish the belt. Elizabeth still needs to be fixed up as does Fai since I removed the belts from the sleeves for the skit at Nekocon.

Still working on stuff for the artist alley table. I've got a few new designs that I am going to try and sell.

I guess that is really it. Work has been work and that is basically my life at the moment.
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Well Animazement was..interesting this year XD I'm not sure how else to explain it. A lot happened so it was kind of crazy. Being in the dealer's room was very different but getting to enjoy my evening instead of sitting in a room for twelve hours..was amazing.

Won Best Masters Craftsmanship with my manga coat. Say yay ^_^ It was going to be its final competition regardless of the outcome so I'm glad it could go out like that. I entered three contests with it and won three awards so that is a pretty good record.

Let's see if I can somehow explain how this weekend went.

No pictures because..I honestly didn't take any.

AZ con report is go )

And that was Animazement. A fairly good convention, then again it always is. I didn't do a whole lot except be at the Dealer's room. But it was still nice to be able to hang out and do what I wanted at the end of the night instead of continue to sit at a table until it was 10 at night. I'll seriously consider doing Dealer's room every con for that reason.

I have already bought my registration for next year so I'm good to go again. I only took one picture the entire con so I don't even have a photo link. Though I did find a video with me and Kiki in our CCS costumes.

So that was pretty cool.

And thats it. Next up: Anime Mid-Atlantic
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Okay so packing is getting there. Right now I have 1 suitcase of just Dealer's room stuff, 2 small suitcases of Display matterials, 4 busts for tshirts and 1 garment rack all for DR.

And my costumes will be in 3 Garment bags, 1 duffle bag, and 2 wig heads. Plus I have the Sakura staff and the Fai staff (not taking Frau scythe for space reasons).

I also had 1 costume get canceled because the Junjou panel is no longer happening, so I added a couple other costumes to take its place that I can throw on if I feel like it, or not wear at all since they are small.

Costume list: (schedule not really determined)
-Sakura from CCS (Prince version)
-Fai from Tsubasa (manga coat - Judging @4:45 on Friday)
-Syaoran from Tsubasa (Real!version - Skit on Saturday)
-Frau from 07-Ghost
-Keita from Gakuen Heaven
-Mukuro from Hitman Reborn
-Ken from Weiss Kruez

Those last 3 are the ones that I am taking and will determine later if they actually get worn. But that is what the list looks like. I will be spending the majority of my time in dealer's room but since it closes at 6 I will actually have my nights to do whatever I want..which is an amazing thing. I haven't had that ability before since I'm usually in artist alley until late. So whoo! Change of pace! I'm rather excited about that.

We will be attempting to cram everything into Pam's car (including K-9 and her costume stuff). I'm hopeful..I'll figure it out somehow and if I have to take stuff out of suitcases and put it in compact-able bags then I will do it. If it means leaving some stuff home, it will be done. But I think we will manage. K-9 is a big obstacle but it can be done, there is proof of that with the Nekocon car XD!

So to those I will be seeing, have a safe trip and I'll see you there! To those that I won't, have a good Memorial Day weekend and I will talk to you Sunday night ^_^

((in an unrelated note. I might not like country, but Scotty should win Idol. Nothing agianst Lauren..she is just the cookie-cutter-Idol and a little boring in my opinion. Though I forsee she will win..I still believe it should be Scotty. Dude's cool. That is all.))
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I swear..once you get sick, you're never allowed to be normal ever again. At least this shouldn't be anything major and I can handle taking a pill everyday if that is all it will take.

Got my CT scan results yesterday and they looked fine, but when they did my bloodwork the technician noticed that my Thyroid was low. He called me today and told me that he is going to run more bloodwork but I might have to come in and get more done but I won't know until Monday. He said that chemotheraphy and cancer treatments sometimes affect the Thyroid so that is doesn't produce the hormone like it should but sometimes it takes a few years for that side effect to actually make itself known. Well apparently its starting to make itself known. I don't know for sure yet, like I said I'll know more on Monday.

Getting ready for Animazement. I have a whole pile of stuff for the dealer's room table and have been so focused on that that I have almost completely ignored cosplay stuff. I have been working on remaking Fai's staff and I might just finish it in time. I hope so since I intended to compete with it.

AZ Cosplay list looks like this:

Friday AM: Sakura from Cardcaptor Sakura (prince version with Kiki as Syaoran)
Friday PM: Fai from Tsubasa (manga coat for 4:45 judging time)
Friday Late: Frau from 07-Ghost

Saturday AM: Frau from 07-Ghost maybe
Saturday PM: Syaoran from Tsubasa (for masquerade)
Saturday Late: ??

Sunday: Misaki from Junjou Romantica (for JR Panel)

I really do feel like I should have another costume in there but I just don't know how the dealer's room thing is going to go so I don't want to be running around trying to change costumes.

But yeah, thats what it looks like. Hope to see everyone there!

I'm done!

Apr. 19th, 2011 02:02 am
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I'm done with everything for Sakura-con and I'm even mostly packed, so go me! I fly out Thursday morning. So what have I been up to?

Oh just something yellow..

For ACP's Durarara!! Gathering thing.

And something blue..

For the masquerade ball.

I love my embroidery machine.

Anyone know if Airport security will give me a hard time about carrying a three foot bear onto a plane? XD Fai coat totally fits in carry-on suitcase. I have a lot of shit.

Fai (fanart) - Soul (soul eater) - Fai (fanart/original kimono) - Misaki (junjou) - Fai (manga coat)

Thats it because that is all I can fit in the suitcase. Pretty relaxed con if you ask me XD. Might wear the kimono a couple times, might wear Soul a couple times..might wear Misaki a couple times. Just depends how things go.


Apr. 12th, 2011 11:38 am
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I'm doing a contest on Facebook. It's kind of fun to see all the people entering. I've known so many so far ^^ But if you want to vote for me you can. All you have to do is "Like" Otaku House and then click on my picture and "Like" it.

Hope that makes sense XD

Cosplay idolTohma as Fai D. Flourite
Join Otaku House Cosplay Idol

And if you don't already have me as a friend on facebook go ahead and add me ^_^ I know I don't have some of you.
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Oh LJ..I has not forgotten you. But if you keep going down, I might just drop kick you to the curb.
After having the same profile though for..well since I first got my LJ, I actually updated it. I have a picture and links and I feel a little more cool now XD I got rid of WALL-O-TEXT. I'm not all that LJ code smart though so that is about as much of an update as it gets.

Not that anything too exciting has been going down. I've been working and when I'm not working, I'm on the embroidery machine. No lie. All on one project. I'm either on the computer (did I mention I bought a laptop? Cause I did..just to go with the embroidery machine. how freakin' sad is that?) designing things for the embroidery machine, or actually embroidering. One of these days I will actually start embroidering stuff to sell.

On that note, what should I sell? I have some ideas but I like to put out there and see what people might be interested in buying. I mean..if you walk into a dealer's room, what is it you would see and go "wow..I really want that!" I was thinking bags..or scarves..or patches. I don't know. I'm still learning my machine but I want some project ideas. I also need to figure out what is popular as far as animes so I can figure out what might be good to embroider on stuff.

In like..2 weeks..I'll be flying to Seattle! Sakura-con is upon me and I still have a lot of crap to finish. Well really..its only one costume I think I have to finish but it is intense. And I'm trying to finish my AMA an AZ stuff too..which I haven't even started on AMA. I fail. Too many cons in too short a time.

My mom has been sick. She is having surgery on Monday and it isn't life threatening or anything as far as I know..which I don't know much because no one actually tells me anything -_-. But I guess the stress of that and everything made her get Shingles. And it was in her eye or on her eye or whatever so she hasn't been able to work since last week. So yeah, its been a little strange around here because she is always home since she can't drive or anything.

We got a major storm the other day. There was a tornado about 20 minutes from my house. It started around midnight and it was one of the wildest storms I have ever seen. The wind was blowing like crazy and there was hail and all kinds of thunder and lightning. Probably the most impressive one I've seen, at least since being in the south.

I guess that is about it. Really my life hasn't been that interesting and I guess that is why I haven't posted much.

-Room: Me, Kaleigh, Jess, and Jenn
-Costumes: Fai (manga, wedding, fanart), Soul (soul eater), Misaki (junjou romantica)..anything else depends on space

-Room: Me, Kakyou, Crystal, Angie, Dark, Utai. Maybe Pam and Jensen.
-Costumes: Fai (manga - contest, SURPRISE), Syaoran (real - masquerade), others TBD as time permits
-Dealers Room table (must make crap!)

-Costumes: Elizabeth (contest), Fire Emblem outfit (masquerade maybe), others TBD
-Artist Alley table

I'm in the process of making a new website and I've changed my studio name since the old one just didn't seem to fit anymore. I'm still working on it though. Hopefully I can get it up and done before AZ.

i guess that's it. Fairly long entry for..well..not having much to say XD
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So just when I was about to rant out Animazement's artist alley and their terrible decision to change their rules and how I was not pleased at being put on a wait list after getting my app in within the first few minutes the form was up (keeping in mind I've been an artist at this con for 5 years now)...

Then I come up with a brilliant plan and put out the hopes that someone out there might just be crazy enough to go with me in implementing it. And not only was there one crazy person..but 5. Thank you AZ attendees for giving me hope that this con might just be the best AZ yet.

Lets hope it all works out in the end..
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So Nashicon happened last weekend. It was nice to have a relaxing convention where I didn't really need to do anything or run anywhere or have any drama or..well it was just nice.

Did win first place for my Fai coat so I felt like that was a good warm-up to competing at AZ. I just need to remake the staff and I will be set to go. I actually was working out today what I wanted to say to the judges at AZ. How is that for preparation? XD

A lot of people fangirled over the Fai coat..which is always nice. I'm very proud of that coat so it kind of makes me feel good when people start squeeing over it. I even had some people say that they follow me on Deviantart and that was kind of cool. And apparently one girl was fangirling over it to her the point where the friend flagged me down and begged me to come over so that her friend would be quiet XD!!

Here are my Nashicon photos:

My costume got featured in the article on Nashicon that was put in the USC newspaper. I thought that was kind of neat XD

I drove down Friday after work, encountered a little traffic near Lake Norman (curse you lake watchers..) and met up with my roommates to just iron, relax, and get some sleep. Headed to the con on Saturday and wore Prince Sakura for awhile (which was really popular). Took some pictures and then got changed for the contest. After the contest hung out with Morgan and Tigress and ate Pizza in their room before heading back and getting more sleep. And then I left early Sunday morning to get back in time for work. So yeah..nothing too exciting XD

I really only took pictures of other people in a private shoot setting. I did a "Spice and Wolf" photoshoot for Kaylan, "Vocaloid" and "Moe Kare!" photoshoots for Cardcaptorkiki and Aduial, and snapped some "Pandora Hearts" pictures for Kiki's friend as well as some of Mina and her friend. I don't mind playing photographer and actually I got some pretty nice shots.

I don't know that I have anything else really to report..oh well maybe one more thing. I bought an Embroidery machine. Yep. I did it. I will be broke forever, but somehow I have a hard time telling myself that it wasn't a good investment. I have a lot of plans for that machine. So the family room has been converted into a craft room where the Embroidery machine, Serger, and Yudu machine are all set up. I have my own little work space which is really cool. Most of that was prompted by the fact that my father was weatherproofing the basement and so everything had to come out of my room and get put in the family room. So in the process of organizing, cleaning, throwing things away..we arranged furniture and now I have my own space. And my room has more space because I moved my big sewing table out into the craft room.

And thats basically it. Next on the agenda is Sakura-con!

Possible costumes for it:
Fai - Manga coat and 2 (YES TWO!) original versions. One really relaxed one, and one for the Masquerade Ball.
Soul Eater - need to fix up the coat
Misaki - Junjou Romantica (totally smuggling a 4 foot bear on an airplane)
...and something else. Just don't know what. Something that will travel well in the suitcase on an airplane.

But more plans about that as I make them.

Definites: Me and Kakyou and Jensen (I think?)
Maybes: Pam, Cat, Erika
Wait list?: Dark and Utai, Crystal and Angie

I know some of this is dependent upon the Artist Alley and if we get a table. But this is kind of how it will play out...

Right now we can logically fit 2 more even if Cat and Erika decide to go. If they don't go then all 4 on the waiting list can be bumped up to definite. Once I find out from them if they are going to go to AZ or not then I can inform the waiting list people.
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I really need to like..update this thing since I've been to 2 conventions and life has been crazy. I think Katsu will be boiled down into pictures and links because honestly..lack of sleep and all that occurred during that con has made it into one big blur. I did have 3 fantastic photoshoots that I will definitely be posting pictures of.

First: Left 4 Dead. Ellis Debut. OMG CREEPY. Thank you Lionboogy <3

Second: 07-Ghost. In between finishing costumes and masquerade rehearsal.
Have some pics )
Here is our skit: (which I learned in a total of 3 hours, go me!)

Third: Alexiel (still waiting on the pics for this)

spare the Flists )

Then there was much running around as Fai on Friday where I have gotten some very cool shots from various awesome people such as Quadrain, LJinto, and EurobeatKing
Behind a cut )

And there was also crazy times with Zipchan as my Faaaabulous partner in crime. In which we were kicked out of 3 different places because it couldn't handle out faaaaabulousness.

only a few more cuts )

After Katsucon was Mysticon which was a nice contrast to the crazy that was Katsu. I was a guest, I got to relax, and I met some really awesome people. got to party with the Steampunk Family (who had me very very tipsy by the the time night fell on Saturday..and then I had to run a costume contest. Go me XD). Learned some awesome things. Was told I was the spitting image of the princess in one of the writer's stories. ANd just generally enjoyed a small con.

Debuted Elizabeth:

So whats next on the agenda? Nashicon in the near future then Sakuracon in April. Next project is working on a commission for Dark then maybe a new costume and a little more work on Elizabeth.

Work has been slow and boring and makes me want to fall asleep at the register. I have the craziest hours that make me want to pull my hair out sometimes.

I worked for 4 hours attempting to thread the serger machine I have obtained from my aunt. I don't know if I have it right yet but I finally decided I had had enough of trying for one night. If anyone has any suggestions that would be great. I have it threaded but after about 2 inches of sewing the forth thread breaks.

i have a whole box of figures from Masayume to now find a place for. I am going to make a whole CLAMP shelf. I am excited ^^ I really need to unpack from Mysticon first though.

My mother sold the horse trailer. I'm still..very annoyed by that but there really wasn't anything I could say to prevent it from happening. Now I believe she has plans to sell off most of her tack and keeps telling me to sell my saddle which I am absolutely not going to do. She thinks I have lost interest in the horses because I don't ride much anymore. But the truth is, I just don't have the experience to train Phoenix and it worries me. but try explaining that. It just comes off as an excuse for not riding. but whatever.

Beyond that there really isn't much to report..and even in saying that I realize that this entry is very very long. Whoops. Sorry Flist XD!
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I'm probably not even going to do a katsucon report..there is a lot to tell but I'm not sure I really feel like talking about it.

Now I'm getting ready for Mysticon. I'll be leaving on Friday morning and I still haven't really figured out what I am wearing. It's hard to come up with costumes that will look good..but still be easy to maneuver in. As a cosplay guest I somehow feel like I should present myself..well..with a good look at what I've done. But I still need to be able to run around (especially on Saturday).

Aizawa requested something from the Gundam universe, so I'm going to dig out my Kira Yamato outfit from Gundam Seed. I believe I still have all of that. Plus there is Elizabeth. I don't really have too many fantasy I need to dig deep into the comfortable but well done Anime outfit pile. Which is surprisingly difficult...

But yeah, that is where I will be off to on Friday morning. Hopefully this weekend will be a little smoother then last weekend was x_x
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Okay, since everyone else is doing it, I guess I should post my schedule too.

Junjou Romantica - Misaki - Photoshoot with Elemental - 10 PM canceled. Still wearing costume though

AM - Frau (07-Ghost)
Afternoon - Fai (tsubasa - manga coat)
PM - Ellis (Left 4 Dead) - Photoshoot with Lionboogy - 7PM
Evening - Alexiel (Angel Sanctuary) - Hall cosplay contest - 9PM

AM/Afternoon - Castor (07-Ghost) - Masquerade - 4PM photoshoot with IndisVeniant (DA)
Evening - Tamaki (Ouran ballgown)

Alexiel - Photoshoot with Skwinkography (DA) - 12PM

This is going to be an exhausting weekend..mostly Friday is going to be exhausting. And Sadly Chiki is no longer going to Katsucon so I won't have my Chii for when I am in Fai ;_;. But I still want to wear my new costume with my Kuro and I'm leaving that in there. I doubt I'll be in Frau for very long simply because I'm more excited about the other costumes I have planned for the weekend. I was half tempted to not even bring him honestly.

But that is what my schedule looks like. Hopefully I can get to everything on time and the weekend is fairly unstressful. Last Kastucon was kind of stressful and I ended up having several very low moments emotionally..I just hope there aren't any of those this time.

I still have a few small things to fix up before I am done, but I am not rushing to do much. What I do need to rush on is getting my stuff done for Elizabeth...
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Sakura-con is now offical!

Registraton - CHECK! Press Badge~

Hotel - CHECK! I have rooms at The Roosevelt as well as the Sheraton..anyone need a place to stay? I have room ^^
The Roosevelt wasn't at the convention rate because they didn't have any double beds left at that rate. The Sheraton is at the con rate. I'm holding onto both until know which is the better option.

Plane Tickets - CHECK! CHECK! only cost $90 after my flyer miles were cashed in. WHOOT!

Fun times with Jenn, Jess, Kaleigh, and more? - ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEED.

I am so ready.

It also means I will get to see Maggifan and Mlarad as well as see terenewen again. I will get to see so many West coasters!

I can't wait ^_^ Who else is going?

Gonna try and stuff Fai in the carryon methinks XD And Soul's wig..and who the hell knows what else. I have a little time to think about it :D

All I can say is...YAAAAAAY!
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I'm in a contest on Facebook and I'd really love it if people could vote for me.

The prize is a trip to Japan. The way I see it, I could go over and see Dee. Thats all I really care about ^^ But I think there is only one winner though..chances not good but if you don't try you can't win, right? so please vote for me and I'd love you forever <3 And if you don't have me on facebook go ahead and send me a friend request as well ^^ I mostly play the games though.

Katsu stuff is slow..but its coming along. I only have a few things to fix up on Alexiel, a few things left for Ellis..and thats about it. I know I'll be done..its finishing Elizabeth for the week after Katsu that has me nervous.

Work has been slow and boring and I wish it would just go by faster. But I guess that is typical work. I got called in on my day off so I only had 1 this week. And I have to work the next 7 straight until katsucon. I'll probably be exhausted.

I'll post a Katsu schedule at some point.


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