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On April 5th, I will officially become the Store Team Leader of the Durham store.

I know..WTF?? right XD Seriously though. Starting on that day I will be in charge of that store and have the title of Store Manager. It will be my store to do what I want to. Shocking isn't it? I don't know whether to be happy or dismayed...

I should be happy, but here is the kicker. It is temporary. I will run that store until they find the person that will officially take it over..or until I can prove that I should be the one that should have it. Well shit...and I was just saying a few posts ago I didn't want a different store...

But there are a lot of opportunities here and I'm going to do my best at it. I'll be staying in a hotel for however long I am down there. I figure a month or so they way they are talking. I'll get paid extra for being the STL. I'll be paid for my mileage anytime I drive back home (its a 2 1/2 hour trek), and my meals will be paid for. Not a bad deal eh?

So yeah...Hey Kakyou! We should hang out once and awhile XD Come keep me occupied since I won't know where the hell I am or what there is to do there.

So thats that...IN other news! Tohma-con!!

I still plan on being back for Tohma-con. NO matter what I will be home that weekend so that I can hang with everyone. I'll work something out so that Ican be back. I'll plead my case that I need to be home for Easter and don't want to travel the night before or something. Fear not!

So..what to wear? Hmm..

Well here are the locations we will be visiting. Lets all put our heads together and figure out just what we should have as far as outfits.

1. Pilot Mountain. Think Tinker Mountain only more touristy. I've never actually been there but Rayvah says it is beautiful. So a rather woodsy/outdoorsy outfit for this one. Or two! Since there are apparently bathrooms that you can change in. Suggestions? What would people like to bring? Keep in mind we don't actually have to match either! Just have a costume you want some nice pictures of? Bring it!

2. The Castle. I honestly don't know the real name of it. But it is a Castle and my father actually suggested it. Apparently it is really cool. I'll be going to check it out after work tomorrow. I was thinking...ooohhh Tsubasa. XD But it could work for other things as well. There won't be internal shots, only outdoor shots. Any ideas?

3. My House XD. Most of you know what it looks like. We've got the woodsy area. We've got the river. We've got the barn.

4. Park. There is a fairly large park in Elkin that we could go to if we wanted. I've been meaning to scout it out. My parents have been there and I can probably drill them for info about it.

Those are the locations for shoots. Should be a lot of fun ^_^ What does everyone plan on bringing? When can I expect everyone to arrive?

Send in your ideas ^^ And I'll keep everyone posted about the whole Durham affair as I get more info on whats going on.


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