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Okay so I need to get this down before I get distracted and forget what the hell happened that weekend.

Crazy times and pictures of me as a girl WUT )
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I promised crack and therefore you shall have crack.

Ladies and gentlemen..I present...

The untold Adventures of Batman...on vacation )
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I think I've sold the Marluxia scythe. Whoo! Just need to repair it a little bit.

And I survived my first day back to work as a waitress. Whoo hoo! We discovered last week that I can't carry the trays of food. They are way too heavy for me, so I won't ever have to worry about doing that. Tomorrow I am going to be hostess for a few hours then I don't work again until the 9th. Even if it is only a few hours it is kind of nice to be working again.

BEWARE THE PICTURES! Epicness to follow beyond this cut! Fires, Golf, Knights and Gundam MEISTERS. Yeah..told you it was epic.

And now on with the story of da Beach )

Tomorrow you get pictures of MB CRACK. Yeah.. nothing but epic craziness.
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Okay, so I'm going to kind of try and remember everything I did this week. You can read if you would like ^^

The world of amazing putt-putt golf. AKA Myrtle Beach )

In other news, every seems to be getting into this twitter thing...I just don't understand it o_o

And I work tomorrow!


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