Jan. 10th, 2010 05:40 pm
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Few highlights of the weekend before I forget since Zip's log made me remember them XD

Great Wolf Lodge
-Has MagiQuest!?!? WHAT?!? Why was I not aware of this before hand! Totally would have taken my wand XD
-Crazy epic place.

Weekend Themes
-GOUT. Everything is caused by the Gout.
-Puttin' No, not Putt-in like in golf. Put-tin. That's all I'm saying.
-Spastic Dancing! Because that is what if felt like.
-SUPAH DUPAH Figured out the skit yet?

Moments of awesome
-Getting the English voice actor of Allen Walker to autograph my hat for my skit and Rhode's umbrella. brought us luck, I swear it!
-Best in show...yeah really enough said XD
-Apples to Apples. This is a surprisingly hilarious game.
-Surprising everyone with my awesome glitteryness and hearing my boots actually making tapping noises on the stage XD

People I got to see
-Star_Angel, Rayvah, Quadrain, Zipchan, Kakyou, Bur, Tigress, Elke, Tassie, Rob...probably more

Awards won
-Free admission to next years convention
-Free admission to Collosalcon in Ohio (Anyone go to this that might have room in their hotel for me and Zip to crash in? XD)

Will add to the list as I think of it...

EDIT: Rayvah and Tassie: We definitely have room for you at Katsucon if you want to stay with us. Right now (without you) its 5 per room. So lots of space. Let me know if you want in!


Jan. 10th, 2010 01:31 am
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Kakyou is currently sitting on my bed. We just got back from Ichibancon at the Great Wolf Lodge in Concord. Tohmacon is ongoing XD

But we did a skit today (Me and Zipchan) and we sparkled fabulously in our amazing D.Grayman awesomeness. We said we were going to either be awesomely terrible or terribly awesome. Well it turns out...

we totally won...


WHAT!?! Yeah we can't believe it either XD We left a glitter trail where ever we went. I'll post that video after I waste 15 minutes of film on the disc. But it means we are a pair of glitterly terribly awesome people.

For now..Enjoy Nekocon's Best in Show performance since Kakyou helped me to figure out how to convert it and upload it.

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Okay, so Ichiban-Con is a convention in Charlotte on January 8-10th. First year convention. Not a whole lot of information on it, but the hotel is expensive. I was thinking about going down for maybe just Saturday just to check it out. Who all is thinking of going?

Reason I am wondering is Tohma-con was tentatively planned for that first weekend, January 1-3..until I realized it would be New Years Day..and I wasn't sure if people would be discouraged by that.

So here was my thought (Since so many were interested in going to Tohma-con).

What if we do it January 8-10th..and go to Ichiban Con on that Saturday as a group. Registration is cheep. $20 at the door for Saturday I believe. We could go, check out the con, have some fun, and still be able to do all the party stuff we planned for Tohma-con. And we wouldn't have to worry about anyone not being able to make it because of family obligations on the New Years holiday.

Please let me know your thoughts. Which is better for everyone? First weekend in Jan? Or second weekend in Jan? I also think New Years Day will be kind of rough for retail people to get off of work. Sometimes those are sale days.

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And that title needs to be said like the WWF announcers..with an emphasis on THREEEE

Anyway, Tohma-con would be tentatively planned for the week before Animazement. So that would be May 19/20 - 22. We would leave for the con on the 22nd.

Now, this is COMPLETELY dependent upon the job situation. If I am at the same two jobs that I am at right now, then we are good to go. If for some reason some stike of unforeseen goodluck should happen upon me and I am blessed with a new job where I would be working during the week..well then probably no T-con. (Mostly because I don't know that my mom would appreciate letting you all hang out in our home all alone while everyone is at work ^^;; Understandable I guess)

But what I need now is a general idea of who all would be coming as well as, who all would be SLEEPING at my house. We do have the extra bedroom..it is just being used as a "Pantry" for the moment because of the kitchen being redone. So some cleaning up will be in order XD

So..I need to know who will be coming, who will be staying, when you would arrive, and of course..what you want to wear! (once I get a concrete list I will make a private group so as to not subject everyone else to the planning XD)

So the general info:
Where: Tohma's house of course!
When: May 19/20-22 (before animazement)
-Cosplay! What would you all like to wear?
-DDR! seriously..we'll play it this time
-Anime! Movies! I mean it..we can totally do this this time

Possible Cosplay Locations:
-Tohma's house! (How exciting!)
-The LARPer Castle! (It was cute XD)
-Pilot Mountain (Lets hope its not hot >_>)
-Downtown Elkin (hey..we gots trains)
And other really cool places (I'm still totally up for Cosplay Bowling..come on..you know it would rock)

Anyway..there it is! So please reply if you think you can come!
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Okay, real quick:
Posting other peoples tohmacon links so I don't lose them in the mass of my friends page:
Sanzos: http://s6.photobucket.com/albums/y206/K_Rayne/Cosplay/Tohma_con/
Yukis: http://s29.photobucket.com/albums/c281/PhotoGlory/Tohma-con%2007/?start=0

Next: Kakyou!
I'm off tomorrow and then next Wednesday if you want to hang out sometime. I open on Sat and then next Thurs, Fri,and Sat. Call me if you want to do something at any time.

Last: Nothing exciting on my end! Work work work. Loving the Tohma-con pictures...that no one else may ever see since I may never get them uploaded XD Loving the pics others took, even the one that Kathy got of my Dad XD
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On April 5th, I will officially become the Store Team Leader of the Durham store.

I know..WTF?? right XD Seriously though. Starting on that day I will be in charge of that store and have the title of Store Manager. It will be my store to do what I want to. Shocking isn't it? I don't know whether to be happy or dismayed...

I should be happy, but here is the kicker. It is temporary. I will run that store until they find the person that will officially take it over..or until I can prove that I should be the one that should have it. Well shit...and I was just saying a few posts ago I didn't want a different store...

But there are a lot of opportunities here and I'm going to do my best at it. I'll be staying in a hotel for however long I am down there. I figure a month or so they way they are talking. I'll get paid extra for being the STL. I'll be paid for my mileage anytime I drive back home (its a 2 1/2 hour trek), and my meals will be paid for. Not a bad deal eh?

So yeah...Hey Kakyou! We should hang out once and awhile XD Come keep me occupied since I won't know where the hell I am or what there is to do there.

So thats that...IN other news! Tohma-con!!

I still plan on being back for Tohma-con. NO matter what I will be home that weekend so that I can hang with everyone. I'll work something out so that Ican be back. I'll plead my case that I need to be home for Easter and don't want to travel the night before or something. Fear not!

So..what to wear? Hmm..

Well here are the locations we will be visiting. Lets all put our heads together and figure out just what we should have as far as outfits.

1. Pilot Mountain. Think Tinker Mountain only more touristy. I've never actually been there but Rayvah says it is beautiful. So a rather woodsy/outdoorsy outfit for this one. Or two! Since there are apparently bathrooms that you can change in. Suggestions? What would people like to bring? Keep in mind we don't actually have to match either! Just have a costume you want some nice pictures of? Bring it!

2. The Castle. I honestly don't know the real name of it. But it is a Castle and my father actually suggested it. Apparently it is really cool. I'll be going to check it out after work tomorrow. I was thinking...ooohhh Tsubasa. XD But it could work for other things as well. There won't be internal shots, only outdoor shots. Any ideas?

3. My House XD. Most of you know what it looks like. We've got the woodsy area. We've got the river. We've got the barn.

4. Park. There is a fairly large park in Elkin that we could go to if we wanted. I've been meaning to scout it out. My parents have been there and I can probably drill them for info about it.

Those are the locations for shoots. Should be a lot of fun ^_^ What does everyone plan on bringing? When can I expect everyone to arrive?

Send in your ideas ^^ And I'll keep everyone posted about the whole Durham affair as I get more info on whats going on.
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I'm going to get myself in trouble financially again..I can see it in the near future. Why you ask? Well besides the normal bills...the $200 in hay i need to buy...the $100 vet bill for Ginji's yearly shots...and the other riduculously high bills that are starting to show up...I want more colored contacts.

I blame Ouran. Seriously I do. Because the contacts I want are purple ones for Tamaki. But the most awesome purple contacts that I found would cost me $175 for one pair. that would make them as expensive as my Sharingans. But oh my god I want them...so then I started thinking, do I have any other purple eyed characters?

-Dearka from Gundam Seed/Destiny...heh..imagine that. I could actually pull out the ol' Dearka outfit
-Kira Yamato from Gundam Seed/Destiny
-Ritsuka from Loveless...does he have purple eyes? He does in the poster thing in Pam's room.
-Dominic from Eureka 7? It looks purple in the magazine in the art picture but looks kind of greyish/purple in other images. Anyone know or sure?

Am I crazy? That is quite a few characters actually. Anyone know where I can buy cheaper prescription contacts? Keep in mind I have a -9 and a -8.5 prescription...that isn't available everywhere because it is so high.

*sigh* Days off are bad for my wallet.

Rayvah has decided she wants to organize a photoshoot at Pilot Mountain. It got me to thinking...its almost been a year since Tohmacon! It also made me realize that 2 of the 4 people in last years Tohmacon are in Japan right now. That made me sad.

Anyone up for Tohma-con 2007? What is Tohma-con? Details to follow...after Heroes is over XD

EDIT: Okay, Heroes is over (and not going to be on again until April 28th or some insanity..NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO *sob*), so here is Tohma-con!

Tohma-con )

ANd with the influx of photoshoots I have decided to seperate my costumes into two categories to better determine what I should wear at what photoshoot...those categories are City costume and Country costumes. So this is basically for my own reference.

the two costume lists )


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