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I'm gonna keep this kind of short because quite frankly...I don't think many people care at this point what I do at cons XD!! But for my own reference here we go.

First..bullet points

-3 Epic photoshoots (D.Grayman, Weiss Kruez, and Hitman Reborn)
-Lost my Halloween Sasuke pin *tear*
-Met many new and awesome friends!
-Spent about 3 hours wandering alone and being bored on Saturday
-Costume switch into epic Lavi
-Sweated off about 30 pounds

A con with out CLAMP costumes...who would have thought it would happen and still be fun )

And here are the pictures of the weekend. Lots of Hitman Reborn and Soul Eater.

And the photographer of the Hitman Reborn private shoot of epic Shonen-ai proportions has started uploading here:
I got a deviantart account just because of this shoot XD!! I'm lovin' my little Transformers arm bands LOL

But my favorite..non-shonan ai one is definetly:
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I might do a full report later but for now..I leave you with a few images.

There was a whole lot of this...

Yay for Rukawagf being my Gokudera ^^

A taste of the con ) glad I went to otakon.

Epic photoshoots were epic. Can't wait to see the pictures.
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I sold the Breeze. Well my grandfather bought it from me, but he buys and sells cars like it is a hobby to do so. So I expect in a month some new person will own it. At least I can still see it once in awhile XD I can't help it...I officially owned that car for 8 1/2 years. The title and everything is in my name. It was the first real financial obligation I ever had. I'm very attached and sad to see it go.

But it was time to move on. I needed a car I could trust, something I was losing the more and more I drove the Breeze. Goodbye dear car. We've had some good memories.

Like our very first convention...

While looking for that picture I found some EPIC ones that I had forgotten about.

Sakano and the NY SNOOOOOW )


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