Aug. 1st, 2011 05:08 pm
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In brief, my Otakon was this..

First it was..

Then is was..

And finally there was a lot of..

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I'm going to warn you..this entry is long and includes pictures. But that is just how involved this weekend was.

Con report or epic proportions )

Pictures: http://www.cosplay.com/gallery/189538/
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I'm gonna keep this kind of short because quite frankly...I don't think many people care at this point what I do at cons XD!! But for my own reference here we go.

First..bullet points

-3 Epic photoshoots (D.Grayman, Weiss Kruez, and Hitman Reborn)
-Lost my Halloween Sasuke pin *tear*
-Met many new and awesome friends!
-Spent about 3 hours wandering alone and being bored on Saturday
-Costume switch into epic Lavi
-Sweated off about 30 pounds

A con with out CLAMP costumes...who would have thought it would happen and still be fun )

And here are the pictures of the weekend. Lots of Hitman Reborn and Soul Eater.

And the photographer of the Hitman Reborn private shoot of epic Shonen-ai proportions has started uploading here: http://jacstudio.deviantart.com/gallery/#PPS-KHR
I got a deviantart account just because of this shoot XD!! I'm lovin' my little Transformers arm bands LOL

But my favorite..non-shonan ai one is definetly: http://www.cosplay.com/photo/2157941/
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I might do a full report later but for now..I leave you with a few images.

There was a whole lot of this...

Yay for Rukawagf being my Gokudera ^^

A taste of the con )

Heh..so glad I went to otakon.

Epic photoshoots were epic. Can't wait to see the pictures.


Jun. 12th, 2009 11:36 pm
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Forgive the double post but since this is very different in content...It just didn't feel right editing the other post.

I have registered for Otakon. I'm still not sure why...but I am going and I am going to have a damn good time. I'm trying to keep it as cheap as possible though so there are a few things I need to get worked out.

So I need to know a few things:

1-Hotel. Several people offered me space in their hotel and I just wanted to see who all is still offering. I know this is getting to that last minute..'you waited to long so screw you' kind of point in time...but now I really do have to think about where I am staying. So..who all has space for me and where are you staying and how much would it be?

2-Carpooling. Anyone able to carpool or interested in doing so? I am willing to share gas/parking/whatever. I'll even drive..just keep in mind I have tiny car that requires putting the top down in order to load stuff into.

3-Cosplay. Since I had no idea whether or not I was going...I have no idea what I am wearing. So is there anything anyone wants me to bring?

4-Gofer. Would it be worth my time to Gofer and try and get a free badge? It requires 14 hours I guess...which doesn't seem like much. But being a cosplayer I definetly don't want to spend all my time out of costume. Though I am willing to work, I do want to have fun as well. So does anyone have any suggestions on that? I know several people on my FList have done this at Otakon so I would really like their opinions. I mean..you don't get much cheaper then a free badge.

I think that is it...so yeah if you could answer my questions here or whatever I would appreciate it. That way I have it all in one spot that I can reference later. Thank you all!
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Finished uploading my Otakon pictures...well really its my father's pictures since he is the one that took most of them XD But anyway..here they are. And warning..some are pretty random..like me talking to genjitsu in the dealers room XD

Click the pic!

416 pictures x_x
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Fai and his Chiis from theOtakon photo suite

Guess who has a runny nose >_> Yeah..not good. If I end up getting a full blown cold I won't be able to have my chemo on Thurs and a hospitol stay might be in my future. Every keep your fingers crossed. BUt you know what...I don't care. Otakon was worth it. Right now though it is just a runny nose so I'm not worried.

Con report, its short but hey I really didn't do much )
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I am finally done uploading my otakon pics XD So to distract from my post of -glare- here is a Hee post ^_^


478 pictures. phew..

P.S. Please let me know if you comment on any because that account doesn't seem to notify me of any comments.


Jun. 11th, 2007 01:42 am
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I've been trying to figure out my Otakon schedule...its tight >_<

So far it looks like this:

Thursday: What to do... )

-Morning/Afternoon: Hatsuharu from 9AM-5PM
-Mid-afternoon: Dominic (from 12-2?? for shoot)
-Night: Tamaki 6-whenever

-Morning/Afternoon: Cain 9AM-?
-Mid-Afternoon: ?? Something extra in case I get tired of wearing Cain
-Evening: Fai ?-I go to sleep (have a midnight CLAMP shoot)

-Ginji all day

Possibly a PJ costume in there somewhere since I like doing a late night outfit XD

Tomorrow I'll finish my Fai repairs and be ready for AMA...i think. I'll have to check Byakko and Ichigo to make sure they are okay.
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I swear..the hamster ball of doom is by far the greatest cosplay prop ever XD I mean...the icon for my costume on this one site..is a closeup of the ball XD This will never cease to amuse me. Check it out:


And pics from Masayume's gallery:
Raver Ed..late night strip show XD: http://images.cosplay.com/showphoto.php?photo=819171
Hamster ball love: http://images.cosplay.com/showphoto.php?photo=819035

So anyway, horse show had a surprising twist...I actually won a class. yeah..go figure o_o A horse I haven't riden in over five years...a horse that hasn't seen a show ring in five years...and he wins Western Pleasure and behaves better then my mother or I could have ever anticipated. And I had a lot of fun riding him. He's so much different then Zippy. So powerful, carries himself like a morgan should. Its been a long time since I've been the outsider..the lone morgan amongst the 100 quarter horses that were at the show. And it sure feels good to beat them at what they supposedly are best at XD

Only downside of the show was it took them 9 hours to get through the English classes...Western was done in 2 hours. We got to the show at noon and sat there for five hours waiting for english to finish. It was insane. So my arms are a little sunburned but it isn't bad. We didn't leave the showgrounds until 7:30 at night. Longest show ever...

Anyway...a pic! Of Hoppy and his winnings:

Ltd. Edition Hi Hope )

Oh yeah..and I finished the Otakon pics:

And so...I'll do my final Otakon entry!

Otakon 2006: Saturday and Sunday )

And since this post is now uber-long..thats it.

EDIT: I lied...More pics! Including one of Dancer getting beaten up by a bunch of keyblades XD And a couple of Mickey ^^

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Even more pictures...



And now...con report! Take 1!

Otakon 2006 Convention Report )

And thats all for now. Saturday and Sunday can wait ^_^


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