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I'm alive, I swear! I hadn't realized it had been so long since I updated. Not that there is a terribly large amount to report.

Nekocon happened. We won Best in Show for the third year in a row. So we are officially retiring from Nekocon masquerade competition. It's been fun but we said if we won 3x then we would stop. It was also the first time that we have gone under our group name. From this point on we shall be known as "Last Minute Cosplay"!! It's kind of been a joke for awhile but with the WCS stuff going on we decided to make it official. Its time to focus on Katsucon and the crazyness that will be that convention x_x Yes..we are doing WCS. No..we are not all super OMG Serious business about it. I just want to do it, say I did it once, and see what it is like. I know what kind of competition is going to be there and I'm a realist XD

Also, [ profile] kousuke_no_baka came and visited for a week and a half ^^ It was fun and there was much Nekocon sweatshopping LOL. There was a Cosplay Flash Mob thing on that Saturday she was here so we went to the mall dressed in Vocaloid wigs. We didn't want to do anything too crazy XD But we went all over and got some very interesting looks but since it was the Saturday before Halloween people just figured we were going to a costume party.

We went to a Haunted Forest and a haunted house while she was here. On Halloween I went to work dressed as Rin (Ao no Exorcist) and then went home, got Ravage..and went back to work to show everyone my transformer costume XD It was kind of amazing. And then I went to downtown Elkin and walked the streets as Ravage. It always gets such amazing reactions..doesn't even have to be a convention.

And we made this video with [ profile] sabermonk because Tiger and Bunny and Origami are cool and would make an epic boyband with dance moves like these. Everyone should watch because I watch it everyday and it makes me smile every time XD!! I think we should do something like this at every convention we go to.

Dealer's room was a nice change. Shorter hours, decent traffic and more interesting scenery then we would have in the artist alley. Would definitely do it again.

As far as work..there has been a string of armed robberies in my area, including the store that is about three down from where I work and the Dollar General across the street. It's scary and we've been doing all this stuff to try and protect ourselves. We will now have a police officer in the building on Friday and Saturday nights and they are supposed to patrol the shopping center as a whole every night. There was like..4 robberies all last week. It's really crazy.

Also, I'd like to say that [ profile] lionboogy is AWESOME. When I got home from Nekocon I had the coolest package ever waiting for me. Transformers!! Big Optimus Prime that only took me an hour to transform into a truck..I was so proud of myself XD There was also 2 more Transformers and a Bumblebee style Camero. I'm going to do a whole little Transformer shrine and take ridiculous amounts of pictures XD I'll probably put it in my sewing room.

Which brings me to the sewing room. We've moved all my sewing stuff upstairs into what used to be the spare bedroom. It's kind of nice to have my own little space. I still have to organize it a little and move more of my stuff upstairs but overall its been nice.

I also have been working on Suboshi for the Fushigi Yuugi group at Katsucon. I'm actually amazed with how well it is turning out. I expected it to give me a lot of issues for some reason..and I spent a long time plotting it out because the anime outfit is slightly different then the artbook/manga outfit. I ended up going with the artbook/manga version because it seemed easier and to make more sense. Oh man much ugly orange and blue LOL.

And thats really about it. I'd do a convention report but at this point I'm not sure I'd remember everything that happened.
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Okay so better late then never. Hush.

The con were we got kicked out of everywhere and threatened and still managed to win )
Okay so the con report was a little short..and I probably missed a lot but I can’t exactly remember everything. Hopefully I covered most of it

And pictures! (i only took 60..and none of cosplayers really):


Nov. 8th, 2010 11:58 am
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Okay so youtube is being a douche and says that the video is against copywrite issues or something..and yet there are many AMVs on the site with the same damn song that work. So screw them.

I put it on photobucket if you want to see it.
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Here is my neko report! I only took 25 pictures so..chances are I'm not even gonna post them beyond this report ^^;;

Nekocon 2009 )

Thanks to Reiband for my new awesome icon XD

In one week I'll be at AUSA. Don't really have much to do for that one though. Cheap con! I have a press badge ^^


Nov. 15th, 2008 11:32 pm
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Here is our Nekocon skit. Please forgive the watermark...I had to download a free converter since there was nothing on my computer to change over the DVD format. There is another video of the skit up on You tube but a guy's head is in the middle of it XD At least mine doesn't have here it is!
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Con-report! Complete with dial-up users beware.

Have a little Priest )

Find all pictures at:
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I finally -FINALLY- finished uploading all the pictures from the last two cons. 400+ images.

So wanna see what we looked like and what fun was had at Yaoi-con and Nekocon? (Cause you probably won't get a con report this time to tell you XD)

Both are there ^_^

Well..maybe I'll do like uber brief report..lets try it!

Yaoi-con )

Neko-con )

On note of artist table: Hiro, you sold stuff. How do you want me to get you your money? $17

And thats all.


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