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I think I shed more tears when a bill comes then I ever did when I found out I had cancer. It is seriously depressing to stare at the pages upon pages of numbers and realize you'll never be able to pull yourself out of the ocean of debt that keeps splashing over you.

I got a bill today..the big one..the one I was waiting for that would tell me how much all this treatment is really going to cost me.. To break it down it looks like this:

CHemo - $3700 every two weeks
Bloodwork - $400 every two weeks
Neulasta - $130 every two weeks

Multiply that by the 6 months of treatment I'll be recieving (at least): $51,000 just in treatment. That doesn't include the hospitol stay, the two surgeries (will be 3 when I have the port removed), MRIs, Lung Tests, Ultrasound, etc etc.

Now add the $800 a month in student loans and normal bills I have to pay each month. How do these people really expect you to survive without any help. I'm not working..I don't have insurance and at this point may never be eligible for it ever again, and I can't get Medicaid becaues I'm not disabled enough..what have I been doing so wrong all of my life? Who did I fuck over to deserve this?

Its not the disease or the treatment that makes you suffer...its the mental, emotional, and financial burden that trying to become healthy puts on you.


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