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Wow..I actually did it. I did a 30 day meme every day. Did not miss a day. I am so proud of myself XD Might even do the anime one that Fuuma is doing as my next one. But might hold off until after Otakon since I would miss three days with that.

I am so super excited about Otakon. I have not been this excited about an otakon in..I don't even remember when. For several reasons but there are 2 main ones.

1. Ravage. Hell yes.

2. Togainu no Chi. 4ng31 has agreed to meet up with me in his Kau outfit for pictures. *happy flailing times* This made me so excited.

I'm going to have a pretty busy weekend but I'm hoping it will be good overall. I'm hoping I can convince someone to be my handler on Friday since I am desperately going to need help.

I'm ready. Only a few little things to do and I will be able to just pack and sit back and relax.

30. Describe cosplay in three words. No more, no less.

Fun pretendy times.

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29. What is your favourite cosplay item? (eg. a pair of shoes, a wig)

I know that most would probably say the Fai staff and you'd probably be right. That was my first actual prop that I ever made. A lot of the time when I need swords and things my father makes it and then I just paint it. But I actually have made this prop and evolved this prop into what it is. And it keeps evolving. I just added lights to it for Otakon. I probably won't leave them in there but its a good test.

But I think another thing that ranks right up there would have to be my Sakura staff.

It was fun to make, its fun and light to carry and it is instantly recognizable. Its kind of cute too XD So those would be my two favorite cosplay items.

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28. Where do you work on your cosplays and where do you store them when they’re done?

Do not judge me harshly for the images you are about to see XD! Remember..a con is next weekend.

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27. How many wigs do you own? Which is your favorite?

Um..Give me a minute. Gonna have to count. *goes a hunting*

I couldn't really get them all counted but I have 60+ wigs.

I can't really pick a top favorite because honestly..all wigs kind of drive me crazy XD But a few of my favorites would have to be the Kougaiji wig because it is a fun color and just fun to wear, the Elizabeth and Alexiel wigs because people seem to think they look very natural and pretty on me XD, My Sakura wig and my Mukuro wig. I can wear any of those pretty much an entire weekend and not get sick of them. LOL

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26. Any unfinished costumes? Will you ever finish them?
I typically finish what I start but there are 3 costumes that I have bought fabric for and have never actually gotten either started or finished.

-a ball joined doll one that I was going to do with Corey (her idea obviously XD). This was supposed to be for Dragoncon a few years ago but it never happened. I bought about $100 worth of material and cut it all into strips and did all the beading (which I still have in a box)..only to find out they weren't happening. So I still have most of the fabric since it is fairly unusable strips. But I did manage to use one of the iridescent ones for Tamaki ballgown's bow.

-Adult Syaoran from Tsubasa. Another Corey project. She was going to do adult Sakura so I went ahead and bought all the material for the base outfit and started to cut it out. Well I guess we both ran out of time because it never happened. I think I used the fabric for something else but it could just be in a bag in the bottom of my closet.

-Tybalt from Romeo x Juleit. I still intend to do this costume. I have the fabric. Its cut out. I just need to sew it together and get a wig. It will happen. Maybe even this year if I can find half a moment to work on it.

I really think that is about it though for unfinished. I mean there are costumes I have rushed and will maybe eventually go back and fix up..but they were 'finished' enough to wear.

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Otakon to-do list:
-add beading to Elizabeth's dress and sew piece back on
-Fix Shiki necklace
-print reference images/release forms/press info
-Ferio pants - remake or fix up
-find Ferio long sleeve shirt

At the beginning of the month I figured I would be scrambling at the end to finish. Hard to believe I'm going to finish in time and won't have to worry about too much.

25. The cosplay you put the most effort into

I would definitely have to say the Fai coat falls into this category. So many hours went into it and it was just back breaking at times to paint and sew. Cain would probably be the number one though since I was teaching myself so many different techniques. I used resin for the first time so I spent time creating crosses and clasps out of model magic and sculpy, then spent the time to create the molds and then pouring the resin. There are a lot of little clasp things on the coat that I had to do one at a time and then had to do a front and back to so that was very time consuming. Then there was learning to use wonderflex and figuring out what shapes to make the fingers and the armor in order to get it to look the way I wanted it to. And there were was the weeks I spent in the barn creating the pully system for the wing and then gluing feathers. Cain was definitely a labor of love and I still consider remaking it and starting over since it was a costume I did before I was really ready to tackle a project like that. And then I think about how much effort that would take and it makes me want to fall over LOL.

And then there is my current project which shall not be named that i have spent countless hours cutting, planning, gluing, reworking, painting, and just generally scratching my head over going..."how in the hell am I going to make that work?"

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24. Your most comfortable cosplay and most uncomfortable cosplay

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23. Your most expensive cosplay
I had to really really think about this one because I don't normally keep track of those kinds of things. I buy what I need to buy and then deal with whatever it is. I thought it might be Cain. That was the first time I had ever used resin and wonderflex and feathers on a costume. But beyond those things there wasn't much as far as expense. I think Cain probably ran me about $500 in total.

But I think if you want to look at overall would have to be the first time I did fai's manga coat.

The entire back design is an applique and along the edge was trim. I used over 150 yards of trim to go around the entire design. The trim was $5 a yard at the time but luckily I used a coupon for each spool that I bought. So there was about $400 in just trim on the coat. The whole coat was lined and I think the total for the fabric was almost $200 (this includes the fabric for the applique). Then there was $45 worth of fur on the coat. Then the staff was plywood, PVC, fish tank stones, quilters plastic, basket wrap, model magic, and lots of gold spray paint. The total on the staff alone was about $150. So all in total almost $800 for the Fai costume.

its remake was far cheaper since I was able to reuse the fur and fabric. I only had to buy a new lining and the paint. So if you factor in the cost of that, Fai is worth about $1000 XD!

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22. Have you worn cosplay in a regular situation? (eg. at school, to work)

A few times. There was a couple times in college that the Japanese class decided to wear our costumes to class. I think we did it once in our Gravitation outfits and then the next year we wore our Escaflowne outfits. Then there was almost weekly trips to IHOP dressed as the X/1999 characters.

For Hollween I often wear costumes to work. I wore Cloud once, Hikaru (hikaru no go), Fai and Ritsuka.

And there were other times that we would go out and do photoshoots around town. I've been to downtown a couple times. I did a whole Edward Elric photoshoot around the train tracks. And we went to Pilot Mountain and I wore Tasuki. Plus we went bowling once and I wore Edward again.

Can't really think of any other instances of going out randomly in costume though.

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21. Show us your best cosplay derp photo!
Oh man.. you want Derp? I am the master of derp..

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20. Have you won any cosplay awards?
Umm..a few XD I'll just put the craftsmanship ones that I have won personally and the skits that I wrote though:

-Best Novice Craftsmanship - Byakko from Yami no Matsuei (nekocon 2006)
-Hall Costume Award - Fai from Tsubasa manga cover version (Ohayocon 2007)
-2nd place Intermedicate Skit - The Muppet Show (animazment 2007)
-2nd place Advanced Craftsmanship - Fai from Tsubasa manga cover(Animazement 2007)
-Best Journeyman Craftsmanship - Cain from Trinity Blood (Nekocon 2007)
-2nd place Veteran skit - Naruto Grease (Animazement 2008)
-3rd place Veteran Craftsmanship - Fai (jade country) from Tsubasa (Animazement 2008),
-Best Journeyman Performance (A little Priest - Jade Country Fai Nekocon 2008)
-Judges Choice Award - Vampire Fai - Tsubasa (Nashicon 2009)
-Honorable Mention Veteran skit - Cardcaptor Syaoran (Animazement 2009)
-Honorable Mention craftsmanship - Ferio from Magic Knight Rayearth (AMA 2009)
-BEST IN SHOW - Sakura from Tsubasa (Remember Me - Nekocon 2009)
-BEST IN SHOW - Allen Walker from D.Grayman (Puttin' on the Ritz - Ichibancon 2010)
-1st place Craftsmanship - Fai (flame kimono) from Tsubasa (Nashicon 2010)
-Judges Award Most Graceful - Fai (flame kimono) from Tsubasa (Anime Mid-Atlantic 2010)
-Best Overall Craftsmanship - Fai (flame kimono) from Tsubasa (Anime mid-Atlantic 2010)
-Limebarbs Judges Award - Prince Sakura (w/kiki) from Cardcaptor Sakura (Anime Weekend Atlanta 2010)
-BEST IN SHOW - Fai d. Flourite (manga cover/Yuui/and Infinity Sakura costumes - Nekocon 2010)
-Third Place Craftsmanship - Tamaki Souh (zuka club dress)(Ichibancon 2011)
-First place Advanced Craftsmanship - Fai D. Flourite (manga coat)(Nashicon 2011)
-Best Master Craftsmanship - Fai D. Flourite (manga coat)(Animazement 2011)

Recent ones:
-Best Overall Craftsmanship and Best Master Performance - Ashera from Fire Emblem with Negative Dreamer's crew at AMA 2011.

Then there was the 2 awards for the Katsucon Yami no Matsuei skit a few years ago, and the 2 awards for the Yu Yu Hakusho skit at Katsucon last year. And the honorable mention for the Angel Sanctuary skit. I think that pretty much covers it.

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19. What is your worst cosplay memory?
Oh man..well there has been a few frustrating moments over the years but I think almost all of them stem from Masquerade related things. The last two years at Nekocon we have had an absolutely horrendous time trying to find places to practice our skits. We have been harassed, yelled at, kicked out of places..all in an effort to spend a couple hours rehearsing. Sometimes we get kicked out into the freezing cold, sometimes we get tossed from places that we were told we could be in, and sometimes it is impossible to hear the audio. Nekocon seems to be our con of incredible rehearsing frustration.

Then there was the year that I swore off Otakon masquerades. It was the year we did a Tsubasa/Peacemaker Kurogane skit and we literally spent our entire Saturday in lines. First we had to rehearse. Then we had to be in line for judging. Then as soon as judging was done we were in line to go backstage..and that was like 2 hours before the show was even supposed to start. For a person that likes to wander around and can't be in one place for too really really sucked. I said I would never do another Otakon masquerade and waste my convention like that again. (only to get roped into one last year PFFT XD)

But I think the one that could probably top them all was this past Katsucon. Our costumes weren't done and didn't get done until about five minutes before our judging. Wait. Let me rephrase that. MY costume was done. Frau's costume was done. One of Hakuren's costumes as done (needed 2 since we were ruining one). Everyone else's..NOT DONE. Our Teito was literally finishing just before judging. Plus we had the white robes to finish, so pretty much all I did that Friday night was serge together white bishop robes. I got ZERO sleep. By the time 8AM rolled around I was so tired and so frustrated that I literally burst into tears and had to leave the room. I had never experienced anything that made me cry out of frustration at a con before. Needless to say that did not put me in a particularly good mood for the rest of the day. We got dressed as best we could, went to rehearsal, practiced the skit twice then people went back to the room to finish sewing. I refused to go back up there so Labrador and I wandered around for awhile. Everyone else pretty much spent their entire convention in the hotel room finishing things. There were 2 sewing machines and a serger in the room, going pretty much constantly for 2 nights. It was unbelievable and I think everyone agreed after that con that if there was that much to left to do the day of a wasn't worth wearing the costumes.

Heh..considering all my bad memories revolve around masquerades you would think I would refuse to complete in them anymore. But overall I just really like doing them.

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18. What is your best cosplay memory?

Oh man..I have to pick just one? I have had so many..Obviously the one I mentioned with the first cosplay question ranks right up there as a favorite moment.

But I think..the number one would have to be the year I wore the first manga coat to Otakon 2007. It was the same year I cosplayed Cain from Trinity Blood. Laura and everyone was late getting to the con and when we finally met up they were in their Yami no Matsuei costumes and I was just about to head back to the hotel to change out of Cain and into Fai. We hung out for a few minutes before it was time to get me to the hotel (me and my 3 handlers XD). I put on Fai and headed back to the convention center. I was waiting around the fountains when I decided to see where Laura and everyone was. As I was on the phone I saw a Kurogane start to come down the escalators and I just started to flip out because I never expected to see one. Well upon closer inspection..It was Laura XD I literally burst into tears because it was one of the greatest surprises ever. She had this big grin on her face and apparently EVERYONE knew that she was making this costume, except for me. Even Corey and other con friends knew. I was just like...WTF, how did you hide that!?! So yeah, I gave her a big hug and was just a wreck from being so happy. Well of course that was the time we started to get bombarded for pictures and I looked like an absolute mess XD But was the best surprise ever.

Another one would be when I wore my manga cover Fai at Katsucon one year and one of the representatives from the company that was releasing Tsubasa got all excited and had to come over and give me a sneak peak at the new Tsubasa box set that they were going to be releasing in a few months. I have a lot of really good memories with the Fai coat overall..

Another big one would have to be our first Best in Show win..Nekocon 2009. I never in a million years thought a skit that I would write, plan and choreograph would win BiS. It was the most exciting thing ever. And then last year at AMA winning Best Overall Craftsmanship for the first time. I felt like maybe I had finally done something right XD

But I have a lot of really good memories with my friends and cosplaying and just hanging out. Every convention has at least one standout moment for me so I don't think I could ever pick my absolute favorite moment. I treasure every memory that I make at the conventions because they are my chance to hang out with my friends and the coolest people in this world.

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Sitting here and watching the NASCAR race when I should be working on Otakon costumes XD Oh well..I have tomorrow off so I will do it then.

17. What events have you cosplayed to?
Well..conventions wise, I have gone to these cons at least one:

-Anime mid-Atlantic
-Anime Weekend Atlantic
-Anime USA
and one convention in Canada that I don't remember the name of..

I think that is all of them...

Plus I have cosplayed to several Animania events at the FYE stores at both Hanes Mall in Winston and the one in Concord Mills. There has also been some cosplay picnics and I have cosplayed around town taking pictures before. Plus I used to go to CCR meetups at the malls when the had them. In college we used to cosplay to IHOP on occassion XD

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16. Do you belong to any cosplay groups? If so, what are they?

Eh..its not really a group. I tend to do skits with the same people everytime but we never gave ourselves a name. Though we have joked about calling ourselves "Last Minute Cosplay" since that seems to be common for us XD And one Katsucon we didn't have a name but we became known as "The group with a lot of people and no name"..and that was apparently our group name LOL

But really I cosplay with a lot of different people. The Richmond crew would be my main cosplay "group" I guess you could say but they don't go to a lot of the cons I go to. I tend to just cosplay with anyone who wants to hang with me. It would be nice to have or two people that I continuously get together and work on stuff with, or coordinate costumes that kind of stuff. But I don't really live by anyone. So I really just cosplay with whomever happens to be wearing the same thing as me on the same weekend.

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I started watching Durarara a couple days ago. (yes I know..late to the party. shutup XP). At first I was skeptical. But it very slowly started to grow on me. Izaya is kind of like the Mukuro of Durarara. Always calculating and controlling things behind the scene. But my favorite is Shinra. Something about that pervy happy doctor just draws me in. I would so cosplay him for Otakon and maybe ACP's event but I doubt I could get a wig in time. So maybe I can get it done for another con in the future. But yeah..rather enjoying the show. I'm almost done with it..give me a few more days XD

15. Your least favourite thing about cosplay

4chan, elitism, and the various aspects of cosplay that surround all of this. Anytime you create a forum or place where people can rip apart costumes, you are asking for problems. Everyone works really hard to make their costumes. Some turn out good, some turn out bad, some need work. That is the case with every cosplayer. You work on things so that you can improve. You have costumes that don't turn out the way you want them to. And you have costumes that are your pride and joy. But each one is special because of the effort it took to create it.

There is nothing I hate more then going on forums and seeing people rip apart a costume or a cosplayer. No one is perfect. These forums might pretend that there is a standard that all cosplayers should aspire towards..but that standard is skewed. You don't have to be beautiful or skinny or asian to make an amazing cosplayer. You just have to be proud of what you have accomplished. Cosplay is art, and everyone interpretation of art is going to be different. Be proud of each other's accomplishments and creations, without staring down the negative aspects of them.

I'm not young, not pretty, not skinny, not any of these things that forums like 4chan believe are necessary to become an amazing cosplayer. But does that stop me from making costumes and portraying characters that I adore? Absolutely not. I don't care if people laugh at my construction or insult how I look. Yes, it hurts. No one can say it doesn't. But I also know that I don't need the adoration and love of everyone to be happy at what I do. I'll never be the greatest at armor making or wing making or resin casting or any of those things. But as long as I continue to improve and can continue to have fun, that's all I care about.

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My AOL main got hacked for the 2nd time in a month. DO NOT OPEN ANY EMAIL IF YOU RECEIVE IT FROM THAT ACCOUNT. Just delete it from your contacts since I use gmail more often now anyway. Just switch over..same username @gmail. Might just be easier.

Day 14. Your cosplay-making habits (eg. singing while working on cosplay)

I get distracted very easily so I only ever play music when I work on cosplay or do anything constructive. I try to stick to English speaking music when I am working on stuff..don't know why but it just seems to keep me focused more then listing to Jrock or anime songs. Sometimes I will watch TV if I am on a deadline and need to work on stuff but don't want to miss a show that I watch. But that is rare. I need as little distraction as possible to get stuff done XD I even try to ban myself from the computer. I do tend to sing along with the songs though XD

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Was almost without internet for awhile. Our router died and so we spent all day trying to get a new one and get it hooked up. Well Pam did anyway. I merely paid for half of the new one LOL.

13. Your cosplay specialty (ie. something that seems to apply to a large amount of your cosplays, it could be a specific series, or a common feature in their appearance, such as glasses)

Um..Tsubasa? XD When you have over a dozen cosplays from one character I guess that would fall into the specialty category. In general I do a lot of coats and capes though. I love anything that is long and flowy. I guess that is why i enjoy so many of Fai's outfits. They fall right into that category XD

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12. Your cosplay idol.

I don't really have one cosplay idol. I guess my idols are all my friends who cosplay. Everyone has something that they are particularly good at and I look up to them. Some are good with props, or leather work, or construction, or wings, or makeup..each one is unique and because of that I look up to each one for something else. I think every single one of my cosplay friends on my LJ have done at least one costume that I look up to them for. One day I hope to be just as cool as all of you ^_^ <3

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11. Something cosplay-related that you will never do (eg. crossplay, cosplay from a certain series)

I'll never cosplay something that shows off too much leg or chest. For various reasons really..
I'm a shy and modest person so I don't really like showing off much. I actually don't even like showing my arms and will wear sweaters/sweatshirts/coverups..anything with a sleeve to cover them up. It isn't because I have ugly arms or anything..its just that I don't like showing my armpit/upper arm area. I also don't like to have anything cut above the knee. I hate shorts/capris. It took a lot of self motivation to even cosplay Alexiel with the long slit. My legs..well in my opinion I have very fat thighs and so I hate anything that accentuates that. Also, my legs look like I have held jobs where I am on my feet for long periods of time..and I have. For 14 years I've worked on my feet so I have veins and marks..and just general uglyness. So you will never see me wear any sort of dress that is short without stockings. Its my own paranoia/self image loathing.

Lets also remember that I don't have much to show in the chest area. I have to wear push up bras and padding just to have anything at all XD So there is never any thought of those female characters with the big busts..just don't have it to show it. So that is something I will never cosplay.

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