Mar. 10th, 2010 11:08 pm
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OMG OMG. So we had an Infinity shoot with Chopper at Katsu and I just got the pictures. They make me happy and not feel fat in this costume XD

A taste of them )

AND SOME CRACK. From AWA last year..
Cardcaptorkiki as Sakura
Me as Fai
Terenewen as Adiane

WAS EPIC: http://www.acparadise.com/acs/display.php?c=3564
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Here is Saturday and Sunday of the report. Nothing too exciting XD But at least it is done..more then I can say about some conventions.

Part 2 )

Overall Katsucon was a good con. I had some down moments but I had a lot of up moments. I'm definitely glad that Katsucon will be going back to the Gaylord Hotel. That place is amazing.


Feb. 21st, 2010 02:19 pm
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Lionboogy put up our Jade Photoshoot pictures! I'm so happy to finally have pictures of this costume that I like ;_; Between my camera that Kathy used and Lionboogy's photoshoot, I got some great pictures. And Yay for getting to wear the costume with Evenstar's Kurogane again.

*sigh* Can I retire that monster now? yes please..


I luv you Lionboogy *_*
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But it's got the word Wound in it.

I never know what kind of faces I'm making..until I come home and see the pictures. There are some awesome ones on Quadrain's site but I can't get them to save DX Got them >D

Skit pictures start here: http://www.refractorproductions.com/gallery/main.php?g2_itemId=61663

More skit pics: http://www.conpics.ws/photos/main.php/v/Katsucon2010/masquerade/S18/

EDIT: Done uploading my pics to coscom
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Let me start off by saying..I am sick. Incredibly. Conjested, headache, miserable. I called out from work today..which is BIG for me.

Anyway..at least the beginning of my con report..(and I don't know why the pictures are sideways...Photobucket is stupid)

Thursday and Friday )

In a completely unrelated note.

This is my brain on drugs )

Part 2..tomorrow maybe..depending on my brain.
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oh god...so sick. Headache,coughing, sore throat...right now I'm wrapped in my heating blanket trying to stop the chills, yet my face is flushed and hot. x_x

Had to figure 6000 people in a tiny hotel was going to mean bad things. I just didn't know I was going to get hit this quick. Perhaps getting that Neulasta, extra immune system boost shot, before the cons while I was on chemo was actually helping me avoid the con sickness...

Got my Jade Fai back today! Phew..my baby..so glad its home. I've been so nervous it was lost in the mail. Got an honorable mention certificate, free pattern certificate, and a Simplicty sewing book. Pretty cool really, even if I didn't win any money I'm pretty happy. ^^

Con report...should do that..I think I managed to see everyone on my friends list at least once. I had to laugh when one person came up and was like, "Were you the Chuck cosplayer from AUSA?" Epic win XD!! i wasn't even in Chuck.

I guess i can kind of summerize the con Con report Memories )

Hey Dee...if you could pick me up the Cosmode I am in..I'd appreciate it -_- The bookstore wasn't at the con and no one had it.

Its sad that I won't see anyone until Animazement..and even sadder that I won't see most people until Otakon. I wish I lived close enough to hang out more..but I don't forsee that happening for a long long time...

But there it is! Katsucon 2009 done! Now to resize 500 pictures >_>


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