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And I'm no where near ready! AHHH

And thats partly because I went and saw Iron Man today with my father. Awesome movie. Can't wait for the sequel and love that they put that teaser at the end of the credits XD

Anyway, Susan and Argent. You're coming tomorrow? Just checking and seeing about a rough time frame you'll be showing up so I can be sure that I am here ^^;;

And onto the typical stuff

List of Doom..minus finished items )

And you want more odd Japan pictures? Sure, here you go

At least it isn't toilets )

Now lets take a look at some of my loot from Japan.
Loot list
18 Eyeshield 21 doujin
13 Tsubasa doujin
8 Getbackers doujin
4 Bleach doujin
3 Saiyuki doujin
3 Hunter X Hunter doujin
1 Wild Adaptor doujin (for a total of 50)
Hikaru no go artbook
5 Saiyuki artbooks
Athrun figure
Fllay and Meer pinkies
4 Hunter X Hunter figures
Kyou Kara Maou chibi set
complete set 2 Gundam Seed Chibis
2 Eyeshield 21 pencil boards
Kira and Cagalli fairy tail sets
Subaru from Clamp in Wonderland chibi set
and many other misc awesome things
And I got great deals on all of it

Now here is what it looks like...
Well, it actually let me upload quite a few and now I'm done. All Japan pictures have been uploaded! WHOO!
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I'm going to try to be more upbeat for this post since my last was a bit of a downer...but today really wasn't the kind of day to lift my spirits. everything I tough turns to ruin. But thank you to those that commented. I don't know that I really have depression its just when there are no answers and I can't afford to go and actually get any to ease my head..sometimes you just latch onto something to make it make sence even just the slighest bit. I have thought my back issues were all in my head though, for quite a while now and maybe it is..maybe it isn't...until I get a job that provides life insurance I may never know. Because there is another kicker. If I go to the doctor and they diagnose me with something, and then I get insurance within the next few months...they won't pay for certain things because I would have a "Pre-existing condition" and there are limitations on what they can do. Trust me, I went through 4 months of bickering with these people while they checked to make sure my Ovarian Cysts weren't a "Pre-existing Condition" that I had checked out before cause it if was then they weren't paying for the ultrasound. This is why insurance companies are just money grubbing loads of shit sometimes.

Gah..ranting..sorry..have to stop that. This day must end...

On an up note though I did ride. It was cold and windy and no one came outside to watch...but I did it anyway. And it was my choice.

evershrinking list of doom )

And now I have managed to get a few more Japan pictures to upload.

More toilets?? )


May. 15th, 2008 12:09 am
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I should really post a progress report when I feel I have made actual progess..but at least it makes me feel better to cross things off lists. First cosplay schedule:

Friday AM - Kougaiji from Saiyuki Reload (I think his Seiyuu has an autograph session at 4PM so I'd like to stay in it until then..we shall see...oh pasties don't fail me now...)
Friday Afternoon - JumpSuit Fai from Tsubasa (Star_Angel..give me the okay on this)
Friday Night: Yuui from Tsubasa
Friday Late Late???? If I get sick of Yuui I might throw on Ritsuka from Loveless

Saturday AM - Cain from Trinity Blood (Until 1:30 after chess...oh body don't fail me now...)
Saturday Afternoon - Splash 175 Fai from Tsubasa (with my group of 5 ^^...wait..5? O_o..Mwahaha hope everyone is caught up in the manga XD)
Saturday Night - Sasuke from Naruto (Everybody Grease? WHUT??)

Sunday - Jade Country Fai from Tsubasa (Craftsmanship...oh dear me oh my..)

And my to-do list complete with crossouts! If I can get them to work >_>
Cut for your convenience )

And just to make this post even LONGER. Have the first installment of Japan pictures. Unfortunetly my internet hates me and so uploading these is a long and tedious process...but eventually they will be there! Anyway, because you won't get if I don't tell they are with my fun explanations! (and they aren't in much of an order cause..yeah..dailup sucks). These are certainly not all the pictures I took but if I tried to upload all 120 to photobucket my computer might think the world was ending.

There sure are a lot of toilet pictures )

Ah Japan

May. 6th, 2008 11:16 pm
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First, anyone going to Animazement should sign up for Cosplay chess. I'll be in it as Cain but they are seriously needing some more Video Game Characters (its anime v. video game). So if you are cosplaying a Video game character on Saturday afternoon you should play! heres the link:

I just have to remember to recruit a table watcher but I think Pam said her and Cat were free at that time to sit there.

Anyway, so you all wanted to hear about Japan yes? Well guess what. You get the appreviated Tohma conversation version. Basically these are the letters that I sent to my father each day explaining my activities. I'll be honest..I don't remember what stores or streets or crap I went in, nor do i think you really care. So these are the more fun "What was interesting to me" type descriptions of my days. Let me tell you..they can be a bit random and yes..I do discussing peeing and toilets so BE PREPARED XD. Keep in mind I have copied these directly from the emails I sent so they are in present tense. we go!

I refuse to pee in a hole )


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