Flood 2010

Jan. 26th, 2010 11:26 pm
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Here are those pictures of my room. I'm currently spending my nights upstairs in the spare bedroom. Could be worse..at least we have a spare bedroom. u_u

Oh the mess..I have to clean this someday )

Yeah fun times.
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So for the last almost 5 1/2 hours..we've been vaccuming up water. It has been raining incredibly hard all day and just as I was registering for my AZ artist table at 10 PM..I realized..hey the floor is wet. Shit. So I hurried my registration, jumped off the computer, ran upstairs and shouted "WE HAVE A PROBLEM." Which my parents instantly knew meant: flooding.

There had been warning and watches flashing for our county all throughout the football game but it never usually matters since we arne't that close to any rising water. (its too bad it happened when it did..football game had just gone into overtime and so I was very excited about watching the end of what had been an interesting game..but ANYWAY). Apparently we should have listened to the warnings...

So for about 2 hours we vaccummed with the shop vac and the carpet shampooer. Attempting to keep the water from spreading. I frantically moved stuff away from my wall since it was my room that was affected as well as the opposite corner. So once my room was moved I rushed to the family room closet and started pulling things from there while my mother and sister used the vacumes.

Keep in mind..ITS STILL RAINING..and so there is no end in sight to this water coming. So finally I'm like, "Just rip up the carpet! This is getting us no where! At least then we can just use the shop vac to get the water." So my father decides thats a good idea and rips up the carpet along that wall in about a four foot width and starts ripping out the padding under it so we can get to the water. At this poitn my room is safe enough that we don't have to rip out the carpet.

Well..about an hour in we aren't making any progress in my room so we take the door off the frame and tear up the carpet in my room and resume water suckage. ANd it is now 3:40 in the morning and my father and I are still getting up water as it comes in. My sister and mom are in bed because I guess they have to work in the morning whereas I have to go in at 2:15 in the afternoon so am the lucky one to stay awake and do this.

My father and I have been switching off since we only have one shop vac. So he does it until the vac fills up and then we dump it and I take a turn. So its going to be my turn again here pretty soon.

I'll take some pictures so people can see the extent of my current woe. Who knows if I'll ever get to sleep. And...now its my turn to vacume. Fun times.

Cosplay is never going to get done because I don't even know where my costumes are at this point. I can only hope that it isn't raining tomorrow so that maybe MAYBE the water will stop coming in. As it stands it is still raining right now.


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