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Thank you all for your comments. It's been pretty rough since we have started to clean out his house, and tomorrow we head to NY for the funeral. So anyone want 3 dogs? Cause we can't keep them. Same goes with the house. The mortgage is $700 a month and we just can't afford that. Well..maybe if I had a few people to go int with me I could somehow figure it out.

But I wanted to post because I thought of a pretty funny story revolving around my grandfather and I wanted to share it instead of just updating my last post.

When my grandfather first moved down here he stayed with us. Pam was still at school so we had the extra room downstairs that he could live in. He moved down in the summer and my father purchased the house a few weeks before that. But there was an issue with the deed or something. The land that went with the house was outlined incorrectly on the plan and there were many hoops that made it impossible to close on the house. My father waited until about September and then he declared that he was moving into the house, whether it was legal to or not. We still did not officially own the property yet, but he had decided it was his house and if they wanted to arrest him or throw him out, then they were going to have to do just that.

And so he moved in and 'squatted' for over a month until the sale finally went through. It was hilarious and we still joke about it on occassion. It was just a good example of the kind of person my grandfather was.

And that is my story.
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Today at 7:50 PM my grandfather, James Vogt Sr., passed away as we all stood around his bedside.

They removed the life support machines at 5:30 and from that point on we stayed by his bed, watching his breathing as it gradually became slower. They had him sedated so he wouldn't be in any pain. He probably never knew we were there, but we stayed. We waited. And we cried. He seemed so peaceful those final hours and seeing him like that was much better then seeing him with the tubes and the breathing mask and everything attached.

I hate crying but as soon as I stood at the end of his bed the tears came, despite the fight I gave them. And then as I watched his final breath I cried even harder. Throughout the car ride home I fought them back, and even now it is a battle as I sit here typing these words.

I believe we will be traveling to New York on Saturday with his ashes to bury him next to my grandmother.

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June isn't turning out to be a good month for us. Last year at this time I was sick. On June 21st I discovered I had cancer. And now, June 10th is a day I will always remember as the day I lost my Granpa Vogt.

Thank you all again for your support. You probably won't hear from me for awhile. But maybe when you do I will post something more upbeat.


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