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And Merry Christmas ^_^ (I know I'm late, sue me I was watching football XD)

My day went as follows: Woke up at 7:30 (quite unwillingly), went upstairs and opened gifts.

newly obtained loot:
-Naruto uncut limited edition boxset 1 (complete with another forehead protector which I immediatly put on Dudley and proclaimed him to be our christmas nin-dog)
-Eureka Seven Box 2
-Phantom of the Opera DVD
-Fable XBox game
-2007 year planner
-gravity pen/pencil (can't even begin to explain but its cool)
-Tiny calculator
-bag of coal gum (my father the comedian)
-$25 to best buy
-and a total of $265 cash

Then around 9 AM while we were watching Pirates of the Carribean 2, there came a rather unexpected knock on the door. My father opened it, signed for a package (on Christmas day??) and proceeded to hand it to me. It was my christmas gifts from Yuki and Hiro! Great timing, eh guys?

Complete with:
-Bleach artbook (much love here)
-corgi keychain (adorable XD)
-Gundam Seed figure (I got Kira ^_^)
-Tsubasa figures (same as the ones from Dee as you had feared, but you can never have enough Tsubasa ^^)
-biggest box of pocky I have ever seen O_O
-kira keychain (utterly adorable)

Resumed watching Pirates and then around 2 PM the rest of the relatives came over and we had ham and other stuff. Then they went home and the rest of the evening was spent watching football. A nice relaxing Christmas as normal ^^

In other news, I think I might be getting a cold. Not what I wanted right before Ohayocon but what can you do...I have developed a slight cough and sore throat and hope it doesn't grow from there. It takes me a while to actually get sick. I start with one thing wrong and then every few days i add another symptom. So I'm hoping that doesn't happy this time.

And finally (i think)

Someone cue the final fantasy victory theme!

And check out what my father made XD
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My day was mostly spent moving hay. From 10 AM to 5 PM we went and got the hay, transported hay to home, unloaded hay. 100 bales. not fun. kills body. why must hay be so heavy?

Then I spent the next few hours working on cosplay stuff. Not just making things though, but organizing and cleaning. I bought a few storage boxes at work yesterday and so most costumes have their own little container that will eventually be labeled with the character's name. I also tried to find more of the pieces of the costumes I am wearing at Ohayocon and get them all together. Sasuke is now together. Haru is together. Kira is together for the most part. Tasuki is still in various places.

Then I worked on Fai. been working on the staff as well as the coat. So here..are progress images.

left to be done on coat: Trim around hood and sleeves, small corner trim
left to be done total: Make shirt, finish staff, make armband for 2nd layer, coat trim mentioned above

The coat )

the staff )
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I did nothing today and boy did I enjoy it. I watched more football. I never even got out of my pajamas, which is a rare thing for me. But I felt like being lazy and so I was.

I did finish part 2 of Fai's design. Took about 10 hours to just do those small sections. Its brutal.

Clicky for the pic )

I'll never complain about how long it took and how difficult Byakko was every again...

More pics

Oct. 27th, 2006 04:37 am
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You'll quickly grow tired of links I'm sure ^_^

Links behind a link to save your poor friends pages )

I am out of my trim for Fai. So I have to put the coat aside until more comes in. Means I can work on the shirt now I guess. I've decided to take a picture after each piece is done. So here is the first look at it since I've just about finished the first design. You can see where I still need to add the trim but that is only about an hours worth of work. not a great pic cause its just draped over the end of the bed but you get the idea. Only 6 more pieces to sew on -_-'


Click to see the full coat )

back to work tomorrow. meh. Vacation was so nice. Do I have to go back?


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