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Aww Carly *tear* Favorite is gone now...curse you America and your poor chosing. Now I only have David..dearest David..who has now won my heart by singing "Music of the Night." YOU BETTER WIN >_< I swear if he gets voted off next week I'm giong to stop watching this show -_- It was like watched Adam Carolla getting voted off "Dancing with the Stars". The show will hold no excitement anymore. Still refuse to vote though XD Hypocrite am I!

Got Dee's pants...bought parents dinner and wasn't hungry myself so I only ate salad..which the waitress didn't want to bring me apparently and so while my parents and sister ate their pasta and seafood I sat and stared at my empty plate going...Why does she hate me so? Cost $5 just to eat from a salad that came with their meals..that's just irritating -_- Plus I didn't get it until after they were basically done! Dessert Salad?

This will be the first week since I stated my resolution of riding more, that I will not ride even one day. I'm proud of myself that I've been able to keep at it. And this week wasn't entirely my fault. Monday is rained, Friday I work, Today I went to Winston, Tomorrow the horses get their feet trimmed, Tuesday it rained off and on and Saturday I fly out of the country. So I'm ashamed yet not so ashamed as I could be.

I have felt incredibly lazy and unmotivated lately though. I'm not sure why. I did pack today though. Well mostly pack. A suitcase inside a suitcase! Just like I said after my last Japan trip that I would do XD That way all my purchases will make it home safely, no matter the size! Just need to figure out what to carry on the flight to entertain myself with..

My dad knows there is trouble when I start conversations like this:
Me: I'm gonna need your help
Dad: Oh no..
Me: If I go to San Fransisco this year I'm gonna dress as Eyeshield 21
Dad: You aren't going to San Diego
Me: NO..not THAT one. Not the real one. The anime one.

Not your typical walking through the mall conversation XD But it amused me.
For those that don't know: San Diego reference is to Running back Ladamian Thomlinson who is an actual eyeshield 21 and his team is the San Diego Chargers.

And thats my day. whoo!


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