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This is going to be a very brief report because..well I didn't really do a whole lot nor do I remember a lot of it. But here we go.

because they always ended up longer then I intend )

Overall..probably my favorite Dragoncon ever. Mostly thanks to the events of Saturday night and Sunday. I hung out with people more at this con then I did at the other two and I think it was because I knew more people this time or managed to run into them more often. It was nice to have people to talk to versus wandering aimlessly.

It really was a lot of fun though. I had debated about going back next year, but after the fun I had this year I think I will go ahead and do it. I'll buy my ticket as soon as I can afford to.

Next up..Anime Weekend Atlanta.
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Okay, because my brain won't function enough for a whole post of all that went down this get bullets! Some of which you won't understand until the whole thing is typed up.

-I got hugged by Ianto (Torchwood) Ooooh yeah. Was dressed as Rorschach. Got pictures with him after getting his autograph. Was told to send the pictures to the official Torchwood website so he could get them. His panel was hilarious. He was hungover.

Ianto: have such soft hands.

-Rorschach is loved by all and having Servo-median was epic win. Small children love me. Was told about a hundred times: "You are the best Rorschach I've ever seen"

-Got free stuff on sunday! Walked into artist alley as Rorschach and this guy came up and said he was giving me a Watchmen Comcast Prize Package. Watchmen shirt/Watchmen graphic novel/Hellboy 2 Blue-ray dvd/Wanted blue-ray DVD. Hellz yeah

-Voltaire in concert was hilarious.

-Epic fun crazy Transformer times with Lionboogy. I am Bumblebee's bitch.

-Hilarious epic Rorschach photoshoot with Lionboogy. Which one am I? THE ANGRY ONE

-Cryptkeeper has many fans and having other Chuck cosplayers is awesome!

-Relaxed fun con was amazing. No set costume schedule = great times.

EDIT: HA! CNN and Me:
About 1 minute in you will see one good looking parade goer with his robot companion LOL

Oh god so much more..don't be surprised if I add to this list


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