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I'm alive, I swear! I hadn't realized it had been so long since I updated. Not that there is a terribly large amount to report.

Nekocon happened. We won Best in Show for the third year in a row. So we are officially retiring from Nekocon masquerade competition. It's been fun but we said if we won 3x then we would stop. It was also the first time that we have gone under our group name. From this point on we shall be known as "Last Minute Cosplay"!! It's kind of been a joke for awhile but with the WCS stuff going on we decided to make it official. Its time to focus on Katsucon and the crazyness that will be that convention x_x Yes..we are doing WCS. No..we are not all super OMG Serious business about it. I just want to do it, say I did it once, and see what it is like. I know what kind of competition is going to be there and I'm a realist XD

Also, [ profile] kousuke_no_baka came and visited for a week and a half ^^ It was fun and there was much Nekocon sweatshopping LOL. There was a Cosplay Flash Mob thing on that Saturday she was here so we went to the mall dressed in Vocaloid wigs. We didn't want to do anything too crazy XD But we went all over and got some very interesting looks but since it was the Saturday before Halloween people just figured we were going to a costume party.

We went to a Haunted Forest and a haunted house while she was here. On Halloween I went to work dressed as Rin (Ao no Exorcist) and then went home, got Ravage..and went back to work to show everyone my transformer costume XD It was kind of amazing. And then I went to downtown Elkin and walked the streets as Ravage. It always gets such amazing reactions..doesn't even have to be a convention.

And we made this video with [ profile] sabermonk because Tiger and Bunny and Origami are cool and would make an epic boyband with dance moves like these. Everyone should watch because I watch it everyday and it makes me smile every time XD!! I think we should do something like this at every convention we go to.

Dealer's room was a nice change. Shorter hours, decent traffic and more interesting scenery then we would have in the artist alley. Would definitely do it again.

As far as work..there has been a string of armed robberies in my area, including the store that is about three down from where I work and the Dollar General across the street. It's scary and we've been doing all this stuff to try and protect ourselves. We will now have a police officer in the building on Friday and Saturday nights and they are supposed to patrol the shopping center as a whole every night. There was like..4 robberies all last week. It's really crazy.

Also, I'd like to say that [ profile] lionboogy is AWESOME. When I got home from Nekocon I had the coolest package ever waiting for me. Transformers!! Big Optimus Prime that only took me an hour to transform into a truck..I was so proud of myself XD There was also 2 more Transformers and a Bumblebee style Camero. I'm going to do a whole little Transformer shrine and take ridiculous amounts of pictures XD I'll probably put it in my sewing room.

Which brings me to the sewing room. We've moved all my sewing stuff upstairs into what used to be the spare bedroom. It's kind of nice to have my own little space. I still have to organize it a little and move more of my stuff upstairs but overall its been nice.

I also have been working on Suboshi for the Fushigi Yuugi group at Katsucon. I'm actually amazed with how well it is turning out. I expected it to give me a lot of issues for some reason..and I spent a long time plotting it out because the anime outfit is slightly different then the artbook/manga outfit. I ended up going with the artbook/manga version because it seemed easier and to make more sense. Oh man much ugly orange and blue LOL.

And thats really about it. I'd do a convention report but at this point I'm not sure I'd remember everything that happened.
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Last photo bomb I swear! At least until after the con..

Cause its done..minus some minor tweaking.

Full blown angel )

Also sunburn. I has one. Chest and shoulders. Itchy yuck. Makes me a little nervous about wearing Kougaiji and Frau but oh well.

And work. Damn you. Cutting 10 of my hours. But HA, I switched around and gained 13 back! Take that!

...but a 4 hour shift tomorrow night is going to be stupid and a waste of time.
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Because everyone was freaking out about me being a girl earlier, here have me as a man XD

Frau is done~ I finished the buckles just a few minutes ago. I still want to make his Scythe but i'm not sure that will happen before Otakon. I also might make boot covers since he wears big buckle boots. The kind that I wish I owned but don't.

More Alexiel and Frau shots )


Aug. 1st, 2009 08:54 pm
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Dude...there are no words to express the amount i LOVE our Weiss Kruez photos. Thank you to Lionboogy for an epic shoot of epic proportions ^____^
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Epic photoshoot of Epic D.Gray-man proportions occurred at Otakon. And its ready for your viewing enjoyment XD

Let's see:
Me as Allen
Evenstar1 as Rabi
Zipchan as Rhode
Lyn as Kanda
Friends as Krory, Miranda, and Tyki

Enjoy! ^_^ We sure did.
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I might do a full report later but for now..I leave you with a few images.

There was a whole lot of this...

Yay for Rukawagf being my Gokudera ^^

A taste of the con ) glad I went to otakon.

Epic photoshoots were epic. Can't wait to see the pictures.


Oct. 25th, 2008 12:09 am
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I got my hair cut today. Its not a whole lot different. Just a little shorter and has layers in it now. The layers make the curls come out a little more then before...which is fine. I can handle the curls just as long as they don't puff up and I become a poofy poodle head.

2009 Costume List )

Costume clue of the day: He has a very distinctive voice. Once I highly doubt I can replicate.
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What a weekend..holy crap X_x Worked 8 hours Friday, 11 hours Saturday, 8 hours Sunday. Made almost $300 in the weekend...spent more time ta work then at home it seemed like..and was so tired I took a nap after watching the race on Sunday after work.

Saw the Simpsons movie on Thursday. It was excellent ^^

Since everyone else seems to be thinking ahead..I suppose I should try and come up with more concrete cosplay plans o_o

Friday (for in line): Infinity Fai from Tsubasa?
Friday: Cain from Trinity Blood
Friday Night: Ball gown!!
Saturday: Fai from Tsubasa (probably all day depending on cosplay contest)
Saturday night: PJ Sasuke from Naruto
Sunday: Ritsuka from loveless maybe? Something easy I can drive in...

Sasuke from Naruto, Fai from Tsubasa, Ritsuka from Loveless (Days TBD)

Friday morning: Infinity Fai (photoshoot w/AlphaNinn)
Friday afternoon: Tamaki from Ouran Host Club
Friday night: Fai from Tsubasa
Saturday morning: Uchiha Itachi from Naruto
Saturday: Cain from Trinity blood (for contest)
Sunday: Edward from FMA...just cause I feel like it


Cain from Trinity Blood, Hagi from Blood+, Kougaiji from Saiyuki Reload??

So to my friends list: What cons are you going to that are mentioned above and what are you wearing? I perfer to dress up with others so my lists might change depending on you all ^_^ Let me know!

Also, I reserved the Nekocon hotel room. I'd like to get at least 7 in the room. So far there are 3 (me, Pam, cat) of us so post now if you want in!

Ohayocon, who all is going? Who wants to room together? Need to know how financially feasible it is to go this year ^^ I already know the plane ticket will only be about $10 XD
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Heh...I might actually enjoy cosplaying Ritsuka if I ever figure out how to pose like him XD

Why you ask?

Cause I like the coat I made XD )
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Okay, real quick:
Posting other peoples tohmacon links so I don't lose them in the mass of my friends page:

Next: Kakyou!
I'm off tomorrow and then next Wednesday if you want to hang out sometime. I open on Sat and then next Thurs, Fri,and Sat. Call me if you want to do something at any time.

Last: Nothing exciting on my end! Work work work. Loving the Tohma-con pictures...that no one else may ever see since I may never get them uploaded XD Loving the pics others took, even the one that Kathy got of my Dad XD
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On April 5th, I will officially become the Store Team Leader of the Durham store.

I know..WTF?? right XD Seriously though. Starting on that day I will be in charge of that store and have the title of Store Manager. It will be my store to do what I want to. Shocking isn't it? I don't know whether to be happy or dismayed...

I should be happy, but here is the kicker. It is temporary. I will run that store until they find the person that will officially take it over..or until I can prove that I should be the one that should have it. Well shit...and I was just saying a few posts ago I didn't want a different store...

But there are a lot of opportunities here and I'm going to do my best at it. I'll be staying in a hotel for however long I am down there. I figure a month or so they way they are talking. I'll get paid extra for being the STL. I'll be paid for my mileage anytime I drive back home (its a 2 1/2 hour trek), and my meals will be paid for. Not a bad deal eh?

So yeah...Hey Kakyou! We should hang out once and awhile XD Come keep me occupied since I won't know where the hell I am or what there is to do there.

So thats that...IN other news! Tohma-con!!

I still plan on being back for Tohma-con. NO matter what I will be home that weekend so that I can hang with everyone. I'll work something out so that Ican be back. I'll plead my case that I need to be home for Easter and don't want to travel the night before or something. Fear not!

So..what to wear? Hmm..

Well here are the locations we will be visiting. Lets all put our heads together and figure out just what we should have as far as outfits.

1. Pilot Mountain. Think Tinker Mountain only more touristy. I've never actually been there but Rayvah says it is beautiful. So a rather woodsy/outdoorsy outfit for this one. Or two! Since there are apparently bathrooms that you can change in. Suggestions? What would people like to bring? Keep in mind we don't actually have to match either! Just have a costume you want some nice pictures of? Bring it!

2. The Castle. I honestly don't know the real name of it. But it is a Castle and my father actually suggested it. Apparently it is really cool. I'll be going to check it out after work tomorrow. I was thinking...ooohhh Tsubasa. XD But it could work for other things as well. There won't be internal shots, only outdoor shots. Any ideas?

3. My House XD. Most of you know what it looks like. We've got the woodsy area. We've got the river. We've got the barn.

4. Park. There is a fairly large park in Elkin that we could go to if we wanted. I've been meaning to scout it out. My parents have been there and I can probably drill them for info about it.

Those are the locations for shoots. Should be a lot of fun ^_^ What does everyone plan on bringing? When can I expect everyone to arrive?

Send in your ideas ^^ And I'll keep everyone posted about the whole Durham affair as I get more info on whats going on.
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I'm going to get myself in trouble financially again..I can see it in the near future. Why you ask? Well besides the normal bills...the $200 in hay i need to buy...the $100 vet bill for Ginji's yearly shots...and the other riduculously high bills that are starting to show up...I want more colored contacts.

I blame Ouran. Seriously I do. Because the contacts I want are purple ones for Tamaki. But the most awesome purple contacts that I found would cost me $175 for one pair. that would make them as expensive as my Sharingans. But oh my god I want then I started thinking, do I have any other purple eyed characters?

-Dearka from Gundam Seed/Destiny...heh..imagine that. I could actually pull out the ol' Dearka outfit
-Kira Yamato from Gundam Seed/Destiny
-Ritsuka from Loveless...does he have purple eyes? He does in the poster thing in Pam's room.
-Dominic from Eureka 7? It looks purple in the magazine in the art picture but looks kind of greyish/purple in other images. Anyone know or sure?

Am I crazy? That is quite a few characters actually. Anyone know where I can buy cheaper prescription contacts? Keep in mind I have a -9 and a -8.5 prescription...that isn't available everywhere because it is so high.

*sigh* Days off are bad for my wallet.

Rayvah has decided she wants to organize a photoshoot at Pilot Mountain. It got me to thinking...its almost been a year since Tohmacon! It also made me realize that 2 of the 4 people in last years Tohmacon are in Japan right now. That made me sad.

Anyone up for Tohma-con 2007? What is Tohma-con? Details to follow...after Heroes is over XD

EDIT: Okay, Heroes is over (and not going to be on again until April 28th or some insanity..NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO *sob*), so here is Tohma-con!

Tohma-con )

ANd with the influx of photoshoots I have decided to seperate my costumes into two categories to better determine what I should wear at what photoshoot...those categories are City costume and Country costumes. So this is basically for my own reference.

the two costume lists )


Jan. 12th, 2007 10:49 pm
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So far this is my cosplay plans for the upcoming convention year...lets see how much this changes >_>

Thursday: Quatre from Gundam Wing? Georges from la Esperanca? Something else that I could do one of EBKs private shoots in?
Friday Morning/afternoon: Regular Ichigo from Bleach (Photoshoot @ 3)
Friday Evening/night: Fai from Tsubasa (photoshoot @ 6)
Saturday Morning: Kantarou from Tactics? Murata from Kyou Kara Maou? Seishirou from Tsubasa? Something else completely random?
Saturday afternoon/evening: Byakko from Yami no Matsuei
Sunday: Orpherus from Meine Liebe

Friday morning/afternoon: Subaru from Tsubasa?
Friday evening: Undecided
Saturday morning/afternoon: Fai from Tsubasa
Saturday Evening: Sasuke from Naruto (regular version)
Sunday: Ritsuka from Loveless

Anime Mid-Atlantic
Friday: Undecided
Saturday: Fai from Tsubasa
Sunday: Undecided

Thursday: Undecided
Friday morning/afternoon: Hatsuharu from Fruits basket
Friday evening: Fai from Tsubasa? Byakko from Yami?
Saturday morning: Fai? Byakko?
Saturday afternoon/evening: Cain from Trinity Blood
Sunday: Undecided

Lots of undecideds o_o Seems strange for me...but I really want to pull out some of my older ones and mix them with the newer ones.


Jan. 8th, 2007 11:23 pm
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Another con down ^_^

Lookie Lookie!!! )

Its a good con ^_^ Some major registration stupidity, but I'll explain that at a later time. Took over 500 pictures. Seriously. Mostly of us.

What I bought )

I think I'll go back next year.

EDIT: Picture links!

gundam seed:


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Con update! (I watched Genshiken all day so now I'm all like...Anime! Con! Cosplay! Must discuss! XD)

Anyway. I must get my cosplay schedule figured out for these two cons...cause well its driving me up the wall trying to figure out when i am wearing what. (And apparently I am like king of Bleach photoshoots XD And so I need to be able to come up with a time for that)

Thursday - Winter Sasuke from Naruto with Susan

Friday Morning/Afternoon - Hatsuharu from Furuba with Susan
Friday Late Afternoon - Fai?
Friday Night - Kira from Gundam Seed Destiny with Masayume

Saturday Morning: Other?
Saturday Afternoon - Fai from Tsubasa with masayume (photoshoot @1)
Saturday Night - Tasuki from Fushigi Yuugi (Susan and Masayume)

Sunday - Winter Sasuke from Naruto with Susan

Thursday - Hakkai? Tasuki? Something else? TBD

Friday Morning - Hakkai? Tasuki? TBD
Friday Afternoon - Ichigo from Bleach with Kathy (and Ririn and Nova)
Friday Night - Fai from Tsubasa

Saturday Morning - Cloud from Kingdom Hearts II
Saturday Afternoon/Night -Byakko from Yami no Matsuei
Saturday late night -Ichigo PJs???

Sunday -Orpherus from Meine liebe

So...if you are mentioned in the above cons for any when you are wearing what so I can figure out my schedule ^_^ As you can see, only one outfit from each con is unnegotiable for me. So...tell me what you are doing so i don't lose my mind >_< I figure most of you are doing outfits with other people so if you decide when you are wearing those, then putting these in the empty spots will be easy ^_^
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My day was mostly spent moving hay. From 10 AM to 5 PM we went and got the hay, transported hay to home, unloaded hay. 100 bales. not fun. kills body. why must hay be so heavy?

Then I spent the next few hours working on cosplay stuff. Not just making things though, but organizing and cleaning. I bought a few storage boxes at work yesterday and so most costumes have their own little container that will eventually be labeled with the character's name. I also tried to find more of the pieces of the costumes I am wearing at Ohayocon and get them all together. Sasuke is now together. Haru is together. Kira is together for the most part. Tasuki is still in various places.

Then I worked on Fai. been working on the staff as well as the coat. So here..are progress images.

left to be done on coat: Trim around hood and sleeves, small corner trim
left to be done total: Make shirt, finish staff, make armband for 2nd layer, coat trim mentioned above

The coat )

the staff )
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I did nothing today and boy did I enjoy it. I watched more football. I never even got out of my pajamas, which is a rare thing for me. But I felt like being lazy and so I was.

I did finish part 2 of Fai's design. Took about 10 hours to just do those small sections. Its brutal.

Clicky for the pic )

I'll never complain about how long it took and how difficult Byakko was every again...
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Even more pictures...



And now...con report! Take 1!

Otakon 2006 Convention Report )

And thats all for now. Saturday and Sunday can wait ^_^


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