tohma2004: (Wild tiger tease) I figured I better write this stuff down before I forget what I'm doing. Plus this has hotel info and whatnot that some people would probably be interested in.

2012 plans
Ichibancon - January 5-8
--Hotel: Me, Kakyou, Aspen + 1, Ali (with 5 people it is roughly $72 a piece)
--Costumes: Kotetsu or Barnaby, Ravage?, Rin?..still not sure what to wear
--Plans: Craft fair on Thurs, Craftsmanship contest

Katsucon - February 17-19
--Hotel (in Laura's name): Me, Pam, David, Kakyou, Susan +2
--Costumes: Kotetsu or Barnaby, Rin, WCS outfit, Ellis (left 4 dead), Suboshi (FY)
--plans: Masquerade and WCS contest

Mysticon - February 24-26
--Costumes: Ashera (fire emblem), Ellis?, not sure what else
--Plans: Running Craftsmanship contest, Panels

Nashicon - March 31-April 1
--Hotel: With Morgan and Kat?
--Costumes: Not all that sure..
--Plans: Dealer's Room(have badges for myself, Aspen, 2 others (maybe Pam)), Costume Contest

Animazement - May 24-27
--Hotel: Me, Pam?, David?, Kakyou, Laura/Angie/Katie if come down
--Costumes: maybe Alexiel, maybe Cain, maybe Ravage
--Plans: Dealer's Room, Craftsmanship

Anime Mid-Atlantic - June 15-17
--Hotel: With rest of LMC
--Costumes: WCS costume, Mikage (07-ghost), who knows what else
--Plans: Artist Alley, Masquerade, maybe hall costume

Otakon - July 27-29
--Hotel: Me, Aspen, will be looking for others
--Costumes: WCS costume, Hera from Saint Seiya, Cain from Trinity Blood, Yue from Cardcaptor Sakura (3 costumes with wings...maybe a bad idea)
--Plans: None really

Dragoncon - August 31-Sept 3 (if i can afford it)
--Hotel: With Morgan's crew
--Costumes: its too early to say
--Plans: Just run around and be crazy

And then Nekocon and AWA but I don't really have anything set in stone for them yet. It's going to be a busy year..but I have a feeling its going to be a fun one.

If anyone needs a hotel room at any of the cons mentioned, let me know. If anyone is a question mark for a room..I'll have to know a positive yes/no in the future.

And thats what my year looks like so far!
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Fai and his Chiis from theOtakon photo suite

Guess who has a runny nose >_> Yeah..not good. If I end up getting a full blown cold I won't be able to have my chemo on Thurs and a hospitol stay might be in my future. Every keep your fingers crossed. BUt you know what...I don't care. Otakon was worth it. Right now though it is just a runny nose so I'm not worried.

Con report, its short but hey I really didn't do much )
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Today we went and checked out a horse show arena that is holding a horse show tomorrow. But after returning home we found that Zippy had developed a cold. So there will be no going to a horse show tomorrow. Meh..its always something.

Told Pam she was ousted from the Nekocon room because my friends didn't trust her not to bail on them again. SHe went off on a tirade about how I must have badmouthed her and sad mean things and what not. Pam..your actions at Animazement spoke for itself. I find it amusing though that my mother sides with me on this and doesn't blame Yuki and them at all for that decision.

Its funny though..when Yuki was about to tell me that she didn't want Pam in our neko room...I had this fear in my head that she was about to tell me that she didn't want ME in the nekocon room and that was why she didn't want me to be mad. There was momentary panic in my head, but that is better now.

Anyway, random yes? Whee.its random day. hmm..Animazement report? Maybe a quick one.

Let see how lengthy this gets )
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Are you ready for this? My 8 page con report...oh yes...

Now with a few pictures!

Father's First Con - Anime Weekend Atlantic 2007 )
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What a weekend..holy crap X_x Worked 8 hours Friday, 11 hours Saturday, 8 hours Sunday. Made almost $300 in the weekend...spent more time ta work then at home it seemed like..and was so tired I took a nap after watching the race on Sunday after work.

Saw the Simpsons movie on Thursday. It was excellent ^^

Since everyone else seems to be thinking ahead..I suppose I should try and come up with more concrete cosplay plans o_o

Friday (for in line): Infinity Fai from Tsubasa?
Friday: Cain from Trinity Blood
Friday Night: Ball gown!!
Saturday: Fai from Tsubasa (probably all day depending on cosplay contest)
Saturday night: PJ Sasuke from Naruto
Sunday: Ritsuka from loveless maybe? Something easy I can drive in...

Sasuke from Naruto, Fai from Tsubasa, Ritsuka from Loveless (Days TBD)

Friday morning: Infinity Fai (photoshoot w/AlphaNinn)
Friday afternoon: Tamaki from Ouran Host Club
Friday night: Fai from Tsubasa
Saturday morning: Uchiha Itachi from Naruto
Saturday: Cain from Trinity blood (for contest)
Sunday: Edward from FMA...just cause I feel like it


Cain from Trinity Blood, Hagi from Blood+, Kougaiji from Saiyuki Reload??

So to my friends list: What cons are you going to that are mentioned above and what are you wearing? I perfer to dress up with others so my lists might change depending on you all ^_^ Let me know!

Also, I reserved the Nekocon hotel room. I'd like to get at least 7 in the room. So far there are 3 (me, Pam, cat) of us so post now if you want in!

Ohayocon, who all is going? Who wants to room together? Need to know how financially feasible it is to go this year ^^ I already know the plane ticket will only be about $10 XD
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I finally -FINALLY- finished uploading all the pictures from the last two cons. 400+ images.

So wanna see what we looked like and what fun was had at Yaoi-con and Nekocon? (Cause you probably won't get a con report this time to tell you XD)

Both are there ^_^

Well..maybe I'll do like uber brief report..lets try it!

Yaoi-con )

Neko-con )

On note of artist table: Hiro, you sold stuff. How do you want me to get you your money? $17

And thats all.


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