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This is going to be a very brief report because..well I didn't really do a whole lot nor do I remember a lot of it. But here we go.

because they always ended up longer then I intend )

Overall..probably my favorite Dragoncon ever. Mostly thanks to the events of Saturday night and Sunday. I hung out with people more at this con then I did at the other two and I think it was because I knew more people this time or managed to run into them more often. It was nice to have people to talk to versus wandering aimlessly.

It really was a lot of fun though. I had debated about going back next year, but after the fun I had this year I think I will go ahead and do it. I'll buy my ticket as soon as I can afford to.

Next up..Anime Weekend Atlanta.
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Well Animazement was..interesting this year XD I'm not sure how else to explain it. A lot happened so it was kind of crazy. Being in the dealer's room was very different but getting to enjoy my evening instead of sitting in a room for twelve hours..was amazing.

Won Best Masters Craftsmanship with my manga coat. Say yay ^_^ It was going to be its final competition regardless of the outcome so I'm glad it could go out like that. I entered three contests with it and won three awards so that is a pretty good record.

Let's see if I can somehow explain how this weekend went.

No pictures because..I honestly didn't take any.

AZ con report is go )

And that was Animazement. A fairly good convention, then again it always is. I didn't do a whole lot except be at the Dealer's room. But it was still nice to be able to hang out and do what I wanted at the end of the night instead of continue to sit at a table until it was 10 at night. I'll seriously consider doing Dealer's room every con for that reason.

I have already bought my registration for next year so I'm good to go again. I only took one picture the entire con so I don't even have a photo link. Though I did find a video with me and Kiki in our CCS costumes.

So that was pretty cool.

And thats it. Next up: Anime Mid-Atlantic
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Okay, so Ichibancon happened! It was..kind of crazy. They had over 2000 people at it, which is double what they had last year. And the hotel was not nearly big enough once again. At least the one hallway was bigger then the one hallway we had last year.

Complete with pictures of crack )

Convention photos are here:
My skit in HD is here:
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Okay so better late then never. Hush.

The con were we got kicked out of everywhere and threatened and still managed to win )
Okay so the con report was a little short..and I probably missed a lot but I can’t exactly remember everything. Hopefully I covered most of it

And pictures! (i only took 60..and none of cosplayers really):
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Here we go. Con report is a go!


Because I have no idea how long it will be )
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Here is Saturday and Sunday of the report. Nothing too exciting XD But at least it is done..more then I can say about some conventions.

Part 2 )

Overall Katsucon was a good con. I had some down moments but I had a lot of up moments. I'm definitely glad that Katsucon will be going back to the Gaylord Hotel. That place is amazing.
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Let me start off by saying..I am sick. Incredibly. Conjested, headache, miserable. I called out from work today..which is BIG for me. least the beginning of my con report..(and I don't know why the pictures are sideways...Photobucket is stupid)

Thursday and Friday )

In a completely unrelated note.

This is my brain on drugs )

Part 2..tomorrow maybe..depending on my brain.
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oh sick. Headache,coughing, sore throat...right now I'm wrapped in my heating blanket trying to stop the chills, yet my face is flushed and hot. x_x

Had to figure 6000 people in a tiny hotel was going to mean bad things. I just didn't know I was going to get hit this quick. Perhaps getting that Neulasta, extra immune system boost shot, before the cons while I was on chemo was actually helping me avoid the con sickness...

Got my Jade Fai back today! glad its home. I've been so nervous it was lost in the mail. Got an honorable mention certificate, free pattern certificate, and a Simplicty sewing book. Pretty cool really, even if I didn't win any money I'm pretty happy. ^^

Con report...should do that..I think I managed to see everyone on my friends list at least once. I had to laugh when one person came up and was like, "Were you the Chuck cosplayer from AUSA?" Epic win XD!! i wasn't even in Chuck.

I guess i can kind of summerize the con Con report Memories )

Hey Dee...if you could pick me up the Cosmode I am in..I'd appreciate it -_- The bookstore wasn't at the con and no one had it.

Its sad that I won't see anyone until Animazement..and even sadder that I won't see most people until Otakon. I wish I lived close enough to hang out more..but I don't forsee that happening for a long long time...

But there it is! Katsucon 2009 done! Now to resize 500 pictures >_>


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