Jan. 12th, 2007 10:49 pm
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So far this is my cosplay plans for the upcoming convention year...lets see how much this changes >_>

Thursday: Quatre from Gundam Wing? Georges from la Esperanca? Something else that I could do one of EBKs private shoots in?
Friday Morning/afternoon: Regular Ichigo from Bleach (Photoshoot @ 3)
Friday Evening/night: Fai from Tsubasa (photoshoot @ 6)
Saturday Morning: Kantarou from Tactics? Murata from Kyou Kara Maou? Seishirou from Tsubasa? Something else completely random?
Saturday afternoon/evening: Byakko from Yami no Matsuei
Sunday: Orpherus from Meine Liebe

Friday morning/afternoon: Subaru from Tsubasa?
Friday evening: Undecided
Saturday morning/afternoon: Fai from Tsubasa
Saturday Evening: Sasuke from Naruto (regular version)
Sunday: Ritsuka from Loveless

Anime Mid-Atlantic
Friday: Undecided
Saturday: Fai from Tsubasa
Sunday: Undecided

Thursday: Undecided
Friday morning/afternoon: Hatsuharu from Fruits basket
Friday evening: Fai from Tsubasa? Byakko from Yami?
Saturday morning: Fai? Byakko?
Saturday afternoon/evening: Cain from Trinity Blood
Sunday: Undecided

Lots of undecideds o_o Seems strange for me...but I really want to pull out some of my older ones and mix them with the newer ones.


Jan. 8th, 2007 11:23 pm
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Another con down ^_^

Lookie Lookie!!! )

Its a good con ^_^ Some major registration stupidity, but I'll explain that at a later time. Took over 500 pictures. Seriously. Mostly of us.

What I bought )

I think I'll go back next year.

EDIT: Picture links!

gundam seed:


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I swear..the hamster ball of doom is by far the greatest cosplay prop ever XD I mean...the icon for my costume on this one a closeup of the ball XD This will never cease to amuse me. Check it out:

And pics from Masayume's gallery:
Raver Ed..late night strip show XD:
Hamster ball love:

So anyway, horse show had a surprising twist...I actually won a class. yeah..go figure o_o A horse I haven't riden in over five years...a horse that hasn't seen a show ring in five years...and he wins Western Pleasure and behaves better then my mother or I could have ever anticipated. And I had a lot of fun riding him. He's so much different then Zippy. So powerful, carries himself like a morgan should. Its been a long time since I've been the outsider..the lone morgan amongst the 100 quarter horses that were at the show. And it sure feels good to beat them at what they supposedly are best at XD

Only downside of the show was it took them 9 hours to get through the English classes...Western was done in 2 hours. We got to the show at noon and sat there for five hours waiting for english to finish. It was insane. So my arms are a little sunburned but it isn't bad. We didn't leave the showgrounds until 7:30 at night. Longest show ever...

Anyway...a pic! Of Hoppy and his winnings:

Ltd. Edition Hi Hope )

Oh yeah..and I finished the Otakon pics:

And so...I'll do my final Otakon entry!

Otakon 2006: Saturday and Sunday )

And since this post is now uber-long..thats it.

EDIT: I lied...More pics! Including one of Dancer getting beaten up by a bunch of keyblades XD And a couple of Mickey ^^
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Even more pictures...



And now...con report! Take 1!

Otakon 2006 Convention Report )

And thats all for now. Saturday and Sunday can wait ^_^


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