Jul. 11th, 2011

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19. What is your worst cosplay memory?
Oh man..well there has been a few frustrating moments over the years but I think almost all of them stem from Masquerade related things. The last two years at Nekocon we have had an absolutely horrendous time trying to find places to practice our skits. We have been harassed, yelled at, kicked out of places..all in an effort to spend a couple hours rehearsing. Sometimes we get kicked out into the freezing cold, sometimes we get tossed from places that we were told we could be in, and sometimes it is impossible to hear the audio. Nekocon seems to be our con of incredible rehearsing frustration.

Then there was the year that I swore off Otakon masquerades. It was the year we did a Tsubasa/Peacemaker Kurogane skit and we literally spent our entire Saturday in lines. First we had to rehearse. Then we had to be in line for judging. Then as soon as judging was done we were in line to go backstage..and that was like 2 hours before the show was even supposed to start. For a person that likes to wander around and can't be in one place for too long..it really really sucked. I said I would never do another Otakon masquerade and waste my convention like that again. (only to get roped into one last year PFFT XD)

But I think the one that could probably top them all was this past Katsucon. Our costumes weren't done and didn't get done until about five minutes before our judging. Wait. Let me rephrase that. MY costume was done. Frau's costume was done. One of Hakuren's costumes as done (needed 2 since we were ruining one). Everyone else's..NOT DONE. Our Teito was literally finishing just before judging. Plus we had the white robes to finish, so pretty much all I did that Friday night was serge together white bishop robes. I got ZERO sleep. By the time 8AM rolled around I was so tired and so frustrated that I literally burst into tears and had to leave the room. I had never experienced anything that made me cry out of frustration at a con before. Needless to say that did not put me in a particularly good mood for the rest of the day. We got dressed as best we could, went to rehearsal, practiced the skit twice then people went back to the room to finish sewing. I refused to go back up there so Labrador and I wandered around for awhile. Everyone else pretty much spent their entire convention in the hotel room finishing things. There were 2 sewing machines and a serger in the room, going pretty much constantly for 2 nights. It was unbelievable and I think everyone agreed after that con that if there was that much to left to do the day of a con..it wasn't worth wearing the costumes.

Heh..considering all my bad memories revolve around masquerades you would think I would refuse to complete in them anymore. But overall I just really like doing them.

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