Jul. 7th, 2011

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I started watching Durarara a couple days ago. (yes I know..late to the party. shutup XP). At first I was skeptical. But it very slowly started to grow on me. Izaya is kind of like the Mukuro of Durarara. Always calculating and controlling things behind the scene. But my favorite is Shinra. Something about that pervy happy doctor just draws me in. I would so cosplay him for Otakon and maybe ACP's event but I doubt I could get a wig in time. So maybe I can get it done for another con in the future. But yeah..rather enjoying the show. I'm almost done with it..give me a few more days XD

15. Your least favourite thing about cosplay

4chan, elitism, and the various aspects of cosplay that surround all of this. Anytime you create a forum or place where people can rip apart costumes, you are asking for problems. Everyone works really hard to make their costumes. Some turn out good, some turn out bad, some need work. That is the case with every cosplayer. You work on things so that you can improve. You have costumes that don't turn out the way you want them to. And you have costumes that are your pride and joy. But each one is special because of the effort it took to create it.

There is nothing I hate more then going on forums and seeing people rip apart a costume or a cosplayer. No one is perfect. These forums might pretend that there is a standard that all cosplayers should aspire towards..but that standard is skewed. You don't have to be beautiful or skinny or asian to make an amazing cosplayer. You just have to be proud of what you have accomplished. Cosplay is art, and everyone interpretation of art is going to be different. Be proud of each other's accomplishments and creations, without staring down the negative aspects of them.

I'm not young, not pretty, not skinny, not any of these things that forums like 4chan believe are necessary to become an amazing cosplayer. But does that stop me from making costumes and portraying characters that I adore? Absolutely not. I don't care if people laugh at my construction or insult how I look. Yes, it hurts. No one can say it doesn't. But I also know that I don't need the adoration and love of everyone to be happy at what I do. I'll never be the greatest at armor making or wing making or resin casting or any of those things. But as long as I continue to improve and can continue to have fun, that's all I care about.

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