May. 25th, 2011

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Okay so packing is getting there. Right now I have 1 suitcase of just Dealer's room stuff, 2 small suitcases of Display matterials, 4 busts for tshirts and 1 garment rack all for DR.

And my costumes will be in 3 Garment bags, 1 duffle bag, and 2 wig heads. Plus I have the Sakura staff and the Fai staff (not taking Frau scythe for space reasons).

I also had 1 costume get canceled because the Junjou panel is no longer happening, so I added a couple other costumes to take its place that I can throw on if I feel like it, or not wear at all since they are small.

Costume list: (schedule not really determined)
-Sakura from CCS (Prince version)
-Fai from Tsubasa (manga coat - Judging @4:45 on Friday)
-Syaoran from Tsubasa (Real!version - Skit on Saturday)
-Frau from 07-Ghost
-Keita from Gakuen Heaven
-Mukuro from Hitman Reborn
-Ken from Weiss Kruez

Those last 3 are the ones that I am taking and will determine later if they actually get worn. But that is what the list looks like. I will be spending the majority of my time in dealer's room but since it closes at 6 I will actually have my nights to do whatever I want..which is an amazing thing. I haven't had that ability before since I'm usually in artist alley until late. So whoo! Change of pace! I'm rather excited about that.

We will be attempting to cram everything into Pam's car (including K-9 and her costume stuff). I'm hopeful..I'll figure it out somehow and if I have to take stuff out of suitcases and put it in compact-able bags then I will do it. If it means leaving some stuff home, it will be done. But I think we will manage. K-9 is a big obstacle but it can be done, there is proof of that with the Nekocon car XD!

So to those I will be seeing, have a safe trip and I'll see you there! To those that I won't, have a good Memorial Day weekend and I will talk to you Sunday night ^_^

((in an unrelated note. I might not like country, but Scotty should win Idol. Nothing agianst Lauren..she is just the cookie-cutter-Idol and a little boring in my opinion. Though I forsee she will win..I still believe it should be Scotty. Dude's cool. That is all.))


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