Apr. 7th, 2011

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Oh LJ..I has not forgotten you. But if you keep going down, I might just drop kick you to the curb.
After having the same profile though for..well since I first got my LJ, I actually updated it. I have a picture and links and I feel a little more cool now XD I got rid of WALL-O-TEXT. I'm not all that LJ code smart though so that is about as much of an update as it gets.

Not that anything too exciting has been going down. I've been working and when I'm not working, I'm on the embroidery machine. No lie. All on one project. I'm either on the computer (did I mention I bought a laptop? Cause I did..just to go with the embroidery machine. how freakin' sad is that?) designing things for the embroidery machine, or actually embroidering. One of these days I will actually start embroidering stuff to sell.

On that note, what should I sell? I have some ideas but I like to put out there and see what people might be interested in buying. I mean..if you walk into a dealer's room, what is it you would see and go "wow..I really want that!" I was thinking bags..or scarves..or patches. I don't know. I'm still learning my machine but I want some project ideas. I also need to figure out what is popular as far as animes so I can figure out what might be good to embroider on stuff.

In like..2 weeks..I'll be flying to Seattle! Sakura-con is upon me and I still have a lot of crap to finish. Well really..its only one costume I think I have to finish but it is intense. And I'm trying to finish my AMA an AZ stuff too..which I haven't even started on AMA. I fail. Too many cons in too short a time.

My mom has been sick. She is having surgery on Monday and it isn't life threatening or anything as far as I know..which I don't know much because no one actually tells me anything -_-. But I guess the stress of that and everything made her get Shingles. And it was in her eye or on her eye or whatever so she hasn't been able to work since last week. So yeah, its been a little strange around here because she is always home since she can't drive or anything.

We got a major storm the other day. There was a tornado about 20 minutes from my house. It started around midnight and it was one of the wildest storms I have ever seen. The wind was blowing like crazy and there was hail and all kinds of thunder and lightning. Probably the most impressive one I've seen, at least since being in the south.

I guess that is about it. Really my life hasn't been that interesting and I guess that is why I haven't posted much.

-Room: Me, Kaleigh, Jess, and Jenn
-Costumes: Fai (manga, wedding, fanart), Soul (soul eater), Misaki (junjou romantica)..anything else depends on space

-Room: Me, Kakyou, Crystal, Angie, Dark, Utai. Maybe Pam and Jensen.
-Costumes: Fai (manga - contest, SURPRISE), Syaoran (real - masquerade), others TBD as time permits
-Dealers Room table (must make crap!)

-Costumes: Elizabeth (contest), Fire Emblem outfit (masquerade maybe), others TBD
-Artist Alley table

I'm in the process of making a new website and I've changed my studio name since the old one just didn't seem to fit anymore. I'm still working on it though. Hopefully I can get it up and done before AZ.

i guess that's it. Fairly long entry for..well..not having much to say XD


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