Mar. 22nd, 2011

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So Nashicon happened last weekend. It was nice to have a relaxing convention where I didn't really need to do anything or run anywhere or have any drama or..well it was just nice.

Did win first place for my Fai coat so I felt like that was a good warm-up to competing at AZ. I just need to remake the staff and I will be set to go. I actually was working out today what I wanted to say to the judges at AZ. How is that for preparation? XD

A lot of people fangirled over the Fai coat..which is always nice. I'm very proud of that coat so it kind of makes me feel good when people start squeeing over it. I even had some people say that they follow me on Deviantart and that was kind of cool. And apparently one girl was fangirling over it to her the point where the friend flagged me down and begged me to come over so that her friend would be quiet XD!!

Here are my Nashicon photos:

My costume got featured in the article on Nashicon that was put in the USC newspaper. I thought that was kind of neat XD

I drove down Friday after work, encountered a little traffic near Lake Norman (curse you lake watchers..) and met up with my roommates to just iron, relax, and get some sleep. Headed to the con on Saturday and wore Prince Sakura for awhile (which was really popular). Took some pictures and then got changed for the contest. After the contest hung out with Morgan and Tigress and ate Pizza in their room before heading back and getting more sleep. And then I left early Sunday morning to get back in time for work. So yeah..nothing too exciting XD

I really only took pictures of other people in a private shoot setting. I did a "Spice and Wolf" photoshoot for Kaylan, "Vocaloid" and "Moe Kare!" photoshoots for Cardcaptorkiki and Aduial, and snapped some "Pandora Hearts" pictures for Kiki's friend as well as some of Mina and her friend. I don't mind playing photographer and actually I got some pretty nice shots.

I don't know that I have anything else really to report..oh well maybe one more thing. I bought an Embroidery machine. Yep. I did it. I will be broke forever, but somehow I have a hard time telling myself that it wasn't a good investment. I have a lot of plans for that machine. So the family room has been converted into a craft room where the Embroidery machine, Serger, and Yudu machine are all set up. I have my own little work space which is really cool. Most of that was prompted by the fact that my father was weatherproofing the basement and so everything had to come out of my room and get put in the family room. So in the process of organizing, cleaning, throwing things away..we arranged furniture and now I have my own space. And my room has more space because I moved my big sewing table out into the craft room.

And thats basically it. Next on the agenda is Sakura-con!

Possible costumes for it:
Fai - Manga coat and 2 (YES TWO!) original versions. One really relaxed one, and one for the Masquerade Ball.
Soul Eater - need to fix up the coat
Misaki - Junjou Romantica (totally smuggling a 4 foot bear on an airplane)
...and something else. Just don't know what. Something that will travel well in the suitcase on an airplane.

But more plans about that as I make them.

Definites: Me and Kakyou and Jensen (I think?)
Maybes: Pam, Cat, Erika
Wait list?: Dark and Utai, Crystal and Angie

I know some of this is dependent upon the Artist Alley and if we get a table. But this is kind of how it will play out...

Right now we can logically fit 2 more even if Cat and Erika decide to go. If they don't go then all 4 on the waiting list can be bumped up to definite. Once I find out from them if they are going to go to AZ or not then I can inform the waiting list people.


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