Mar. 2nd, 2011

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I really need to like..update this thing since I've been to 2 conventions and life has been crazy. I think Katsu will be boiled down into pictures and links because honestly..lack of sleep and all that occurred during that con has made it into one big blur. I did have 3 fantastic photoshoots that I will definitely be posting pictures of.

First: Left 4 Dead. Ellis Debut. OMG CREEPY. Thank you Lionboogy <3

Second: 07-Ghost. In between finishing costumes and masquerade rehearsal.
Have some pics )
Here is our skit: (which I learned in a total of 3 hours, go me!)

Third: Alexiel (still waiting on the pics for this)

spare the Flists )

Then there was much running around as Fai on Friday where I have gotten some very cool shots from various awesome people such as Quadrain, LJinto, and EurobeatKing
Behind a cut )

And there was also crazy times with Zipchan as my Faaaabulous partner in crime. In which we were kicked out of 3 different places because it couldn't handle out faaaaabulousness.

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After Katsucon was Mysticon which was a nice contrast to the crazy that was Katsu. I was a guest, I got to relax, and I met some really awesome people. got to party with the Steampunk Family (who had me very very tipsy by the the time night fell on Saturday..and then I had to run a costume contest. Go me XD). Learned some awesome things. Was told I was the spitting image of the princess in one of the writer's stories. ANd just generally enjoyed a small con.

Debuted Elizabeth:

So whats next on the agenda? Nashicon in the near future then Sakuracon in April. Next project is working on a commission for Dark then maybe a new costume and a little more work on Elizabeth.

Work has been slow and boring and makes me want to fall asleep at the register. I have the craziest hours that make me want to pull my hair out sometimes.

I worked for 4 hours attempting to thread the serger machine I have obtained from my aunt. I don't know if I have it right yet but I finally decided I had had enough of trying for one night. If anyone has any suggestions that would be great. I have it threaded but after about 2 inches of sewing the forth thread breaks.

i have a whole box of figures from Masayume to now find a place for. I am going to make a whole CLAMP shelf. I am excited ^^ I really need to unpack from Mysticon first though.

My mother sold the horse trailer. I'm still..very annoyed by that but there really wasn't anything I could say to prevent it from happening. Now I believe she has plans to sell off most of her tack and keeps telling me to sell my saddle which I am absolutely not going to do. She thinks I have lost interest in the horses because I don't ride much anymore. But the truth is, I just don't have the experience to train Phoenix and it worries me. but try explaining that. It just comes off as an excuse for not riding. but whatever.

Beyond that there really isn't much to report..and even in saying that I realize that this entry is very very long. Whoops. Sorry Flist XD!


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