Jan. 23rd, 2011

Holy Hell

Jan. 23rd, 2011 01:44 am
tohma2004: (THE HELL?)
What a day...I seriously thought it would never end. The list of WTF just kept getting bigger as the day went on.

It started off with my phone getting an update this morning. Well when I went to use it on my break, the text messaging wouldn't work. I could receive but I couldn't send. So needless to say I was pissed about that because it is the same basic problem I had when i first got the phone. Everything else works..the internet, twitter..everything..except I can't send out texts. So after work I went to where a Verizon tower was to try and force another update. I got it to the point where I could send texts but then as soon as I got closer to home, they stopped working again. So yeah..still nothing.

Then on my way home, I started to turn onto my street and this guy just completely ignored the stop sign and nearly plowed into my driver's side door. We both slammed on the breaks and luckily no one was coming from the other way. But yeah..way to be observant asshole.

Work was crazy boring. It was busy at the beginning but time just seemed to crawl and then towards the end of the shift it was just slow. At one point there was this guy that was trying to return an outfit that he said he had only tried on but there was a dirt ring around the collar of the shirt, mud on the shoes, and a stain on the jacket. She told him there was no way she could take something back that he had so obviously worn. It escalated and at one point he told Patricia that "I can say whatever the hell I want because this is a free country you fucking bitch." Whereas Patricia proceeded to tell him that no he couldn't, not in this store and kicked him out. Apparently one of his friends stole something too and while Patricia was on the phone with the cops they finally left the parking lot after just sitting there in their car for awhile...she believes they were waiting on one more of their people that was still in the store.

Then as the cop got there this couple that Patricia had been watching made a beeline for the door, and the cop stopped them and told them that their daughter had just been arrested at Walmart and they were going to have to bail her out. (Because everyone knows everyone in this town so yeah..not surprising he could spot them). So apparently half the family goes to Walmart and robs, the other half comes to our store.

And apparently they arrested about 8 people at Walmart. What they were doing was returning merchandise that they had stolen and then going out to the parking lot and trying to sell the gift cards they were given for cash.

The day actually did not start off this crazy but it certainly ended up that way. So yeah..I'm just in a very foul mood because of everything today.

I just put my requests in for Sakuracon. I should only have to use 3 vacation days for it. Its nice to be paid to go away XD I also have it budgeted so that I am putting 2/3 of my tax refund in the bank to go towards bills and only 1/3 will go towards travel and whatnot.

Its kind of nice to be able to use my tax refund for me for once. Usually it all goes towards bills but I decided that for once I was going to use it the way I wanted to. With a job that pays me enough to pay all my bills, paid time off, and now this little extra money things are finally starting to even out for me. I am putting part of my State refund into my savings account so hopefully I can start building that up again.

I'm being smart with my money and when I told my parents my plan for my refund they told me to do whatever I wanted with my money. They also were trying to figure out how to get my costumes to Sakuracon. They said I should fedex them XD I was like..I haven't even decided what I am taking, why are you trying to suggest ways to get my stuff there!?? But yeah..not using fedex. I'll pay the luggage fee to have a checked bag.

But yeah..interesting day. I'm glad it is over and I am glad that I have tomorrow off.


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