Jan. 19th, 2011

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I got gifts from Deeeeee today ^^ Yummy christmas foods. It actually arrived on Thursday but my father failed to tell me until Saturday morning that the post office had left a note saying that they had it. And then because of the holiday on Monday I couldn't go get it until today. But it was full of yummy goodies that I am going to savor.

I've been sick..pretty much since last week. I don't think I can entirely blame the convention though. My mom has been sick the last couple weeks and so has Pam, so I think it was a combined effort. But it was pretty miserable. I think it is finally starting to clear up though. I still have a sore throat and I wake up every morning coughing my brains out, but at least my nose has stopped running.

I have plans that I am working out..plans I don't really want to come right out and say until I can see if they will actually become more solid. A lot depends on how much my tax return will be. If it is as much as last year then I can make this plan happen. If it is less by a little, still good. If it is a lot less..which seems unlikely considering I have been working full time..then the plan won't happen at all. So..I'm pretty sure the plan will come to be but I just need to work out the details. And yes, I am being intentionally vague..not that it matters XD The one person who needs to know the plan, knows it.

Cosplay progress is slow. Been working on Elizabeth some. She'll be wearable for Mysticon but I doubt she will have the detailing I intend to put on her. Castor's wig arrived so i am basically down to just adding belts and he will be done. Ellis..needs to be started. Alexiel remakes are started and shouldn't take long. I really just need to get motivated since all these things besides Elizabeth are small and easy.

Work is work..nothing really new or exciting.

Been watching more "One Outs". How can a baseball anime be so addicting?? I don't understand! Watched "Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt"....interesting. XD I really liked the music in the show. I swear the opening theme was stuck in my head for four days. Been watching "Rainbow" but my favorite character just died so I'm just like..mer..damn you. But it's a good show. Watched the first episode of "Level E" the other day and just about died when Fai's voice came out of the Prince's mouth. The guy acts a lot like Fai. Its amusing really. But boy can I pick out that voice quickly.

ANd thats really about it I guess.


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